Moroccanoil “Courage To Dream” – Cosmetology Scholarship


Scholarship Details:

The Moroccanoil Courage to Dream Scholarship  was created to  honor  and encourage the education of anyone who has overcome overwhelming obstacles that have prevented them from pursuing their dream of a career in beauty. The scholarship recognizes the perseverance, tenacity and grit that distinguish so many beauty professionals’ paths to success. Whether a health burden, challenging life circumstances  or  other hardship, the  obstacles along the path can fuel a professional’s journey to success. This scholarship recognizes and celebrates those who believe their craft can make a difference and are willing to push through barriers to achieve their dream of a career in beauty.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Must be a new or currently enrolled student in a cosmetology program
  • Must upload proof of enrollment i.e.: acceptance letter or progress report from school
  • Application must include three (3) photos of your artistic work on a mannequin, client, friends or family showing your creative abilities
  • Application must include a 3-5-minute video answering the following questions:
  1. Describe a situation where you’ve displayed immense courage; Found the energy to persevere against all odds. Please describe a through a hardship you’ve overcome through
  2. Include a description of what having the “courage to dream” means to

Scholarship Amount:

Three (3) $5,000 awards for the year of 2020

Scholarship Seasons:

  • Spring 2020 (March 1- May 30, 2020)
    • One (1) Courage to Dream Scholarship Winner
  • Fall 2020 (September 1- November 30, 2020)
    • Two (2) Courage to Dream Scholarship Winners

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