NEWS! Texas Barber and Cosmetology Schools Now Allowed at the Same Location

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

TDLR is making an important change to how we license barber and cosmetology schools. Effective immediately, barber and cosmetology schools will be allowed to operate at the same location.

This change will remove impediments for school operators, help streamline our regulations, and make the application review process easier during initial licensing for barbering and cosmetology schools.

Here’s why we’re making this change: Senate Bill 2065 (85th Texas Legislature, 2017) removed the established square footage requirements for schools and stated that the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation may not enforce standards for barbering and cosmetology buildings or facilities that are not related to health and safety.

In response to this change in the law, and to the feedback we received during our 2018 Strategic Planning sessions, we evaluated our historic position regarding barber and cosmetology schools operating on the same premises and in the same space.

We have concluded that barber and cosmetology schools can safely operate in the same space; however, schools may not operate in the same space at the same time. Schools who offer both programs must hold both school licenses and meet all requirements for both the barbering and cosmetology programs.

We believe this decision will remove burdens for schools but will not impact the health and safety of students or the standards for the barbering and cosmetology programs.

It is our hope that these changes will provide real cost-savings, especially for public schools with a limited amount of funds and for small business owners who will save on rent, utilities, equipment, supplies, payroll, and maintenance.

Please direct any questions or comments to education@tdlr.texas.gov.