Oldest Licensed Stylist In Tennessee, Callie Terrell

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Written by Ashleigh Atwell

Like most beauticians, Callie Terrell enjoys making clients feel good about themselves. However, unlike most beauticians, Terrell is 99-years-old.

Terrell has been a practicing cosmetologist for 73 years, and is the oldest licensed stylist in the state of Tennessee, according to WREG.

She says she’s worked on hair for so long for one, simple reason: it’s her passion.

“I work because this is what I’ve enjoyed doing all my life from a little girl. I always loved messing with my sister’s hair. They had beautiful hair and I always enjoyed doing this,” Terrell said.

She has outlived most of her customers, and many of her friends.

“People my age that I used to be buddy-buddy with, I don’t have a single one. I was in a bridge club. I’m the only one in the club that’s living,” she said.

Terrell credits her work with boosting her longevity.

“I’m not used to just being up in the house,” the stylist said. “You see, I worked so long I’ve just been around people and doing something exciting. Most old people, they’re so dry and droll. I can’t deal with that. I gotta live and do the things that make me happy.”

Ms. Callie will turn 100 on November 26, and plans to finally retire on that date. However, she doesn’t plan on enjoying her retirement by sitting in the house and doing nothing.  She plans to be on the go. After all, she hasn’t stopped driving even though her daughter, Inez, stopped driving years ago.

“I just be waiting on somebody to call and say, ‘Callie, you busy? Well, come on over here.’ They say, ‘We’re doing so and so.’ So I jump in the car and go. I just want to do something,” she said.