Organization Tips To Help Your Salon or Barbershop Run Smoother

As a salon or shop owner, your space is your second home. You deserve to have a clean and organized workspace. And your clients deserve a salon that is relaxing and A messy salon or shop can not only cost you business, but it can also cost you precious and peace of mind. By organizing your space smartly and efficiently, you can save yourself time and stress, AND focus more energy on your clients. Below are five tips to help you Spring clean your salon or shop.

Tips to Organize Salon or Barbershop Space?

  1. Add Wall Shelves: Wall shelves help preserve your salon space by removing the need for storage cabinets. They also help with keeping products from degrading over time due to sunlight. Having the right shelf can help customers see which products they want to use or more importantly, which products they want to buy. 
  2. Color and Label System: You can store your products by color codes. This will help you find the product more efficiently. Adding labels can help as well. Labeling products (and sections) helps with the locations of the products, so you know where to find them.
  3. Storage Boxes and Organizers: Storage boxes and organizers are other good examples of beauty salon storage ideas. A storage box keeps all of the items used in a salon in an organized manner. You can also place labels on the boxes so you will know which item to get for clients. 
  4. Tame Your cords: Cords can make a workstation look messy and dangerous. Cords can get caught on items on your work counter and can drag items off the counter onto your customer. To prevent these instances, invest in cord organizers for every station.
  5. Client Records Files: Each customer has unique needs. Keep a filing drawer for each of the professionals working at your salon or shop to organize their client files.

These tips are just a few ways that you can keep your salon or shop organized, safe and efficient. Follow ShearShare for more tricks to help your business run smoothly!

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