Perfect Instagram Poses for Hair Posts by @heyelizabethfaye



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We love following Elizabeth Faye on her @heyelizabethfaye platform not just for her beautiful color posts, but also for her wit, charm, love of self-care and body appreciation, but also the opportunities she provides professionals.

On her heyelizabethfaye.com website, she shares that she decided to make a statement at age 12 by cutting and coloring her own hair, which ultimately landed her an appointment at the celebrity salon at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for the classic color correction. This experience led her to her first mentor and hairstylist, who helped her by doing her hair complimentary if she would only bring back her report card with better grades on it.

Slowly Cs turned into Bs and, ultimately, into As. Faye says she was mentored by this stylist and the entire salon team, which ultimately landed her a position and the many amazing job opportunities that came through the company after.

While passionately working in the beauty industry since 2009 she has been able to work around the globe, performing on stages and working along the industry’s leading artists. She has performed on stages globally, all major hair shows nationwide, worked NYFW, worked major music videos, worked with celebrity clients and been published and recognized by magazines like Allure and MODERN SALON (as a member of our Artist Connective and a MODERN SALON 100).

Her true passion is education and passing knowledge from stylist to stylist. She launched Hair Love Retreat in 2017, which is an annual destination for beauty pros to collaborate and learn over four days doing workshops, performances, hiking, yoga, wellness exercising, plus amazing food and relaxation.

We asked Faye for her top tips on how she styles her favorite shots:

“Add a lifestyle vibe whenever possible,” Faye says. “ I like to have my clients turn slightly to the side where I can still see both sides of the hair. It shows off more of the hair because I get the front view with a bit of the back. And only a peek of their face. It makes them feel more comfortable.” 

While she’s posing her clients, she will compliment them throughout the process to encourage them to feel more playful, like laughing and touching the hair. “I have found they feel most comfortable when I demonstrate how to be playful with their hair by doing it on my own hair. I even get my hands involved!” 

Faye likes to look at her clients’ and models’ individuality, too. “I love to utilize their uniqueness and style,” she says. “So if they have cute jewelry or fun tattoos I will try to pose them to show them off as well.”

Good styling is KEY. Your camera will pick up all the curling iron kinks, frizz and flyaways. 

“Straighten the base before curling…always!” Faye says. “Oil is your friend! Also, get your hands involved to smooth out section and fill random holes…so a weird shoulder doesn’t pop through.”

Make sure you’re following Faye for inspo, and to see how she best captures her hair work