ShearShare Featured On Product Hunt As Cool, New App

Huge thanks to the the team at Product Hunt and Y Combinator’s Kat Manalac for featuring the ShearShare app on www.producthunt.com today!

Product Hunt is a welcoming community of early adopters, designers, developers, investors, journalists, and fellow product-loving enthusiasts. A few of the comments received:

I recently came across your app ShearShare on Product Hunt. I love the idea!

Hi, folks. Greetings from London. Well done on such a great idea. I’d definitely like to rent out a salon space from time to time as my business is freelance.

I found ShearShare on Product Hunt and my first impressions were impressive. Congratulations on getting the product live and I hope things are progressing well.

We encourage you to support ShearShare and add your own comments. You can check us out by searching for ShearShare from the PH Web site.

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