Q&A With Heli PrillIman


We sat down with Heli Prilliman CEO of Lacquerbar who is launching the first ever online manicuring certification program: Lacquerbar University!


Q: What inspired you to create a manicuring program like this?

A: After going through beauty school I realized that they didn’t teach you anything that you needed to succeed- their manicuring techniques are outdated and they also don’t teach you business skills or give you options for your manicuring career. Lacquerbar U is remedying that by teaching manicurists modern nail techniques (how to use an E-File and upping your nail game with nail art) and the business skills they need to create lucrative careers! 


Q: How long is the program?

A: The manicuring program will be broken down into 6 weeks, with each week broken down into 3 seperate parts. Mondays are dedicated to video assignments that will assist manicurists with hands on training showing them how to maneuver through real life circumstances when in service. Following that, on Wednesdays there will be a live coaching session to fine-tune that week’s manicuring techniques. Finally, Thursdays will end the week with a Q&A from LU’s course Mentors and Educators who are proven industry leaders (shout out to Dr. Tye haaaayyy), where they will discuss their story, professional experience, and answer questions on industry specific topics. 


Q: What is the cost of Lacquerbar U?

A: The program is $800! With Lacquerbar U you’ll be paying $20 a day, compared to a 2-day nail conference or a 5-day in person bootcamp where you’re paying between $650-$825 per day. For Shearshare users we’re offering y’all a $200 discount! Just mention in your application that you saw this blog post 😉


Q: What are the benefits of being Lacquerbar U certified?

A: Not only are you getting the most modern manicuring techniques, but also the business skills that will help you build a lifelong money making career. We understand that a Lacquerbar salon can’t be in every city in the country so we will have a page where out state clients will be referred to Lacquerbar certified manicurists in their areas!


Q: Any advice to make an applicants application standout? 

We’ve packed this program with amazing content, coursework to build your portfolio, and incredible nail industry leaders to take you to the next level. Since spots are limited, we want to make sure our first students are not only creative, but also team players (we all go farther when we work together!) and hella motivated to build a money making career doing what they love.

Applications are due July 5, 2019 – space is limited so apply before it’s too late!