Q&A with Master Barber Dr. Tye Caldwell

Q&A with Master Barber Dr. Tye Caldwell

Dr. Tye Caldwell is not only a CEO of ShearShare, he is a master barber of 30+ years and a barbershop owner for over two decades. He understands the importance of sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated over the years with the beauty and barbering community. During this webinar, he hears people’s questions and gives them the chance to hear answers from a different perspective. No question was too big or small for Dr. Tye! Take a listen below.

If you’d rather read the video transcript, you can find the full transcript below:

2:09we’re doing with this country yeah but to come out of it and hit Q&A so we can

2:15see the question okay

3:24all righty let’s get this thing going

3:34good afternoon everyone thank you for joining a minute after

3:41twelve o’clock central on our watch when it kick things off with our very first

3:46AMA or ask me anything for the new year 2019 and so we had dr. ty Caldwell here

3:54he’s gonna give you a brief background on himself but if I may just for a moment he has 25 years of experience in

4:01the industry award winning salon owner for over two decades now and has brought

4:08his talents to the tech world creating the first app that allows salon owners

4:13who have empty space to be able to lease that out by the day to stylist who only want to pay for those resources when and

4:20where they need them so breadth of knowledge number one best-selling author and the like and tons of info people are

4:27constantly emailing him asking and requesting that he mentor either the

4:32owner or the stylist and so we thought you know why not open it up to everyone so again this will be recorded and

4:39available for playback any questions that you have please feel free to type those into the Q&A box there on your

4:45screen again any questions that you have we’ll start off by typing those into the Q&A screen and without any further ado

4:52after teickhoff will hello hello hello I am excited about today one of the things

4:59that I think is super important and I travel all over and I talk to a lot of students I talk to licensed professionals of all types whether

5:05they’re beginning in their first year whether they twenty-year veterans you know one of the things that that I think

5:12is good about webinars that is it’s a simply good for the professionals

5:18what makes it unique from Instagram live for IG lives is that you have so many

5:23people jumping on IG lives and I’ve gone on people’s IG lives and you just have so many questions so you have people

5:29joining you have to be asking questions and that screen just keeps rolling up it just keeps rolling up and so you trying

5:36to say hi to everybody maybe be a friend maybe be another big influencer or

5:41whatever you never really get a chance to just really you know get in depth the information that you need from a

5:47question that you may be asking because there’s really not a certain thing that they’re focusing on now they can have an

5:52IG like to ask me anything and then they could try their best to get to it with the best of their abilities but yet you

5:59have if you’re a big time influencer like some of these people are and I know a lot of them that I like that have

6:05a lot of followers that they just can’t succinctly get everything out and the information that’s necessary because so

6:12many people are asking questions why their screen is still rolling up so what makes my webinars so unique is that get

6:18a chance to play them back of course you can do that on Instagram but you also get a chance to hear other people’s

6:24questions and you can focus on certain things so my ask me anything is really about you know people who are really

6:30coming to industry people who are maybe salon owners barber shop owners potential spa owners people when doing

6:39big things want to do big things product designers product makers people that really want to understand the industry

6:45from a perspective that can give them a little bit more understanding where they don’t have it you know I mean so many

6:51super knowledgeable artistic stylists that say well you know I don’t do my tax as well or or I don’t know how to really

6:58sell products and then I make so many salon order saying you know how do you hire a will how do you how do you fire

7:04somebody that that you don’t want on your team how do you get people to to really buy into your culture different

7:10type of questions so I really wanted to open up to date for people that just ask questions we can talk about it we can

7:16succinctly give you my answer in my opinion and you can fact check a lot of things but you know I don’t boast about

7:24being in the industry for 25 years that’s a fact I don’t boast about being a salon owner for almost two decades that’s a fact

7:30boast about anything if it’s a fact in fact I’ve gone through so much whether it be from the perspective of building

7:37clientele whether it be from perspective starting a salon renegotiating contracts you know dealings with investing having

7:45a having a are a whether it be a SCP or 401k of some sort I’ve always I’ve done

7:52these things so I feel like I know a little bit about how we need to work in this industry what we need to be a

7:58student bout what we need to be in inquiring and what we need to be acquiring so I just really feel like if

8:04you have the questions that are really gonna give you the the answers that you

8:09need it make you a little bit more susceptible for for overlooking fear overcoming fear and just being able to

8:15just really jump into whatever it is you’re trying to do so insights on

8:21questions if I don’t mind no if you don’t mind me you know just really going through a few things and just kind of

8:27give you a brief understanding of where I’m at when I get questions so these are some of the questions and insights before you start asking questions and

8:34feel free to ask any question load up the question box while I’m sitting here talking so when it’s time to answer

8:40questions I want to be able to answer those questions so some of the questions that I get are salon and barbershop ownership is it worth it and when is it

8:48a good time to start thinking about ownership you know should I do a contract and for how long those are

8:54questions I get asked when it comes to salon ownership and barbershop ownership you know team-building what should I

9:00look for when I want to build a team what do you think about the proper way

9:07to to go about you know building in that culture how does that work I also get

9:14from barbers and stylists in school you know on how to build clientele how do I go about trying to build a clientele and

9:20where do I start is social media a great place to start you know things that that they really

9:26need to know they don’t understand and they’re there’s a there’s not really a book there you just really have to go through people who’ve been in the

9:31industry you know I wrote the book mentor about failure for a reason it was a purpose behind me writing it I didn’t

9:37just write it to to want to do it to want to just sell a book or just put stuff out there there was nothing out there that really gave me the insight

9:43and the site to really see how far I could help someone take it into this industry so I I wrote the book given five best

9:51practices practical points on how to become successful and just putting in there are some things that give you a

9:56little bit more understanding of why we need to what what success looks like outside of just making money and outside

10:02of just counting clientele money and finances people want to talk about what

10:07should I be thinking about long term as I start making money when I start making a lot of money and I want and I’m I’m

10:13coming really sustainable you know how do I set myself up for the future what things do I what products do I need to

10:18invest in if you go to the bank any time you open it up an account that’s a product if you open it up a a checking

10:25account that’s a product if you open it up you know a money market account that’s a product anything that that they’re usually utilizing to give to

10:32give you an opportunity to save money invest money it’s a product so what products are people looking for I have a

10:38lot of students asking should I take C courses when I go to these different shows you know I see courses of good for

10:44me anytime you’re educating yourself and pouring more education into what you’re

10:50doing and based on what licensed professional that you’re that you’re really focusing on C courses are great

10:56they’re gonna teach you bases in school the foundation but it’s always gonna be great to really understand why I see

11:03courses so I’m so important it’s so imperative to you being successful in learning more in the industry what else

11:09do people want to know they want to know what books do are we mean how have you become so educated in the books that you

11:14read what books do you feel like I should start out reading I always want to know what products should I say or

11:19should I sell products and and then one of the biggest questions are taxes you

11:24know so many times we get into this industry we make so much money we really don’t understand that taxes are

11:30important how do i how should I file taxes people in oh sure our quarterly but should I file and your name what

11:37what should I put on my taxes in order to get people and get the tax accountant

11:42to give me a break and what does that look like and then some people wanna

11:47know should I go into us a lot to us to a barbershop what salon based on boof rent or based on Commission

11:52you know they want me to answer those questions for me I really want to give people the best opportunity to get

11:58questions that they need so just giving them the opportunity to see that what works best for us don’t really help you

12:04in this industry another thing I’d let this be my last one

12:11how does she share as the CEO of she’s sharing a co-founder people asked how to share share work I’m traveling from

12:17state to state how does it work if I’m if I want to be a host what percentage do you take you know different questions

12:23like that so you know I really want you guys to understand that something that I want to waste my time doing waste your

12:29time doing this is something that I really believe in and I want you guys to understand that I’m really focusing on that and I want to give you the

12:35opportunity to ask any question you want so I can answer them as appropriately and and profound as I can what’s the

12:42first get the first question that was the first question question comes from

12:48and Louise hi Eloise she says she has two questions from the first one with

12:54men’s grooming on the rise should a licensed cosmetologist go back barber

13:00license that is probably one of the most profound and best questions that are

13:05then a licensed pilots could ever have with the industry really changing men are men you should just go in and get

13:12cut they never really thought about getting a facial they were going to get a shave nobody really just use razors

13:20like they use them now it’s really this whole man’s grooming you know industry

13:25has grown so much and I really think that if you are stylist and you want to

13:30get some more education it goes back to those seedy courses but now this goes right into the business of barbering if

13:39I’m a say barbering being a licensed barber professional myself and I went to

13:44and I went to a duel school cosmetology I really think it means a lot to know

13:49how to to do some barbering it’s gonna really help you enhance a lot of your

13:54clientele because a lot of women today are getting short haircuts they’re getting the barbering cuts they’re

13:59getting B they’re getting the classes to where they want to know how to do designs they want to know how to do in

14:05color enhancement to the skin or whether to the hair they’re learning how to do fibers these are things that

14:11feel like Eloise that you really need to focus on if it’s something that can really enhance you to another stream of

14:17income so definitely I would definitely encourage you to really go out there and and and focus on getting the education

14:24from the barbering side it’s gonna really help you so much even with you being a licensed cosmetologist because

14:29there’s some kinship in there but also barbering is its own industry within itself so being able to do the to cope

14:38cohesively would be great for what you’re doing and making more money next

14:45question I want to start my business now that I have graduated what do you think

14:50about salon suites Wow you know this is probably the one of the biggest

14:57questions that I get when it comes to going into schools and when it comes to going into when it comes to talking to

15:04people that are coming into the industry that really don’t understand it from the perspective other than social media

15:12I love salon suites I really do we have salon suites on our on our platform it’s

15:17your share and everybody in this industry is really all about the licensed professional with Commission

15:24being what it is but independent contracting just growing over and over and it’s growing by leaps and bounds the

15:30licensed professionals themselves really want to be able to go into a salon suite but yet at the same time I would never

15:37suggest going into a salon suite coming right at high school and the reason that I say so because you really need to get

15:44in you really need to get inside a community of salon and barbershop to really understand how it works and how

15:50to really be a little bit more what I want to say you want to be a little bit

15:55more intact with the clients and not just your clients but other people you want to know what it’s like to be around

16:01a community and culture of just being in a salon where there’s commission base where this booth rental you want to be

16:07around other people who are like who are like-minded so that you can see how it really works build a build of social social impact

16:14amongst yourself and amongst the people around you and it teaches leadership skills coming out of school going

16:19straight into a suite you almost closed yourself off from a world that you don’t even really know that well so I

16:24would always say no don’t go into a suite yet go to a salon where this open concept where there’s Commission base

16:31whether it be booth rent or whatever it may be but get in there learn from the owner learn from the other stylist not from the other barbers

16:37learn from the other licensed hair skin and nail professionals so that they can kind of give you a leeway in to really

16:44introduce you into this world of beauty and barbering because it’s really a community before you really think about it being competition that’s one of the

16:50things I think is super important so awesome question but I would never suggest going into a suite right after

16:56school right next question do you recommend an agreement for renters and

17:03if so where can I find one you know for four years maybe a few years

17:11I didn’t allow contracts but just to

17:16think about it like this just kind of give you an open mind to what it looks like just imagine someone coming into

17:21your shop and they’re saying do you have any open stations and you’re like yeah and they say well can I start today and

17:27or can I start tomorrow and you like oh cool but you you you haven’t sat down

17:33with them you haven’t asked them any questions and you can’t ask a person right off the top everything coming off

17:40of here you have to put some things on paper and our four years now probably

17:45going on probably 15 years I’ve done contracts and and the contracts are not

17:52making a person stay there is given a person the opportunity to be for real about where they want to be I would

17:58always tell the the potential stylist a barber coming into my salon read the

18:04contract if you agree with everything if there’s some things you don’t understand for the check mark or X by that by that

18:09uh by that statement and and see if we can can work out something to give you

18:14some clarity on that but I definitely suggest contract because it kind of

18:20gives you the opportunity who’s really serious about one to work in your space and you also in that contract you want

18:26to get a deposit a non-refundable deposit because in this industry we find that people sometimes there fly by the

18:33night type of stylists where they come in and they want to leave in the middle so it’s best for you to go ahead and get

18:38a deposit on top of that just in case that happens instead of you just giving them two weeks free they trying before

18:44they really buy and deciding to upload upload themselves out of that shop and

18:49just kind of well uproot themselves out of their shop and move around somewhere else because you really want to take you

18:54really want to be take that stylus or that barber seriously and you want them to know that you you want to be taken

18:59seriously so a contract really does that for you and it gives you the opportunity now to not to give them responsible to

19:05give them responsibility to that contract and it’s binding and also they can’t go against that in court because

19:11you have a binding contract and you have an agreement and if you’re gonna give someone the key to your to your soul to your salon or borrow shop or Suites you

19:19want to make sure that there’s that there’s a wording in there that really

19:24stipulates them not utilizing that key to give to anybody and that there’s a

19:31consequences if something like that happens so contracts for the salon and getting a

19:37key is super important you just don’t want to give anybody a key to your shop and then it’s just out there and then as

19:42soon as they leave you got a change or you can get your door the door locks and and it’s just not a good thing so you

19:50know I would recommend contracts I do have example contracts that I can uh that can give over to you just get me

19:58up on email ty sure sure calm and I can get that to you awesome great question

20:04all right next question says I really want to retire by the age of 55 what

20:11things should I put in place now so I can be sitt you know how amazing is that

20:19to ask because so many of us come into this industry and we don’t think nothing about investing we don’t think nothing

20:25about the future we don’t think nothing about our tears want to get college having them some college funds when they

20:31gear to go to college they don’t think anything about that you know so depending on what age you are if you’re in your 20s you you can

20:39know you can go passively to moderately into mutual funds you can also do a SCP

20:46which is an IRA and you can also if you have key your 529 and therefore you can do mutual

20:52mutual funds in there as well so I would always suggest to really think outside

20:58the box so have a business account but also go to someone a real accountant

21:04that can really get you involved in that versifying the things that you want to

21:09do because one of the things that I feel like I did very well was invest and I

21:14invested in IRA I invested in and in those mutual funds I invested in a 529

21:20for my son those things really carry a lot of weight but I also have investments in real estate oil and gas

21:26things like that that really can give me some long-term fix so when it’s time to

21:32really I’m gonna say retire when it’s time to really really settle down a little more you have things waiting on

21:37you that you’ve invested in early so think about it from this perspective get

21:43you get you some gives you someone that you know go to I’ll know Edward James and and talk to someone about what you

21:51want to what you want to invest in and what that looks like for you or you can email me and I can give you some some

21:57further further tips on this as well based on some of the information that I’ve gotten over the years and some of

22:03the investment tools that I’ve used but you definitely want to invest and you want to diversify those investments if you’re older you definitely want to go

22:10moderately too aggressively into mutual funds and into saving money and and and

22:16wasting it just think about it like this if you have a credit card and you’re paying interest pay that credit card off and let the interest of what that credit

22:22card would be be something you invest into are a something you invest into mutual funds that are gonna give you

22:28know X amount of dividends that you can never get in a CD so things like that

22:34that are gonna really help you know grow your your your money and it help you

22:39diversify as you continue to go forward awesome alright next question my school

22:46was really sorry my school was really good and I feel like I came out really

22:51talented but only really know how to do one hair type is there something I can

22:57do so I can learn about different textures well you know

23:03if I could be very frank I will say this if you go to school and you come out

23:09doing something that you’re not well equipped in Tibet to offer to a

23:15clientele and you just have one way it’s essentially your fault you know school kind of gives you the foundation to do

23:22and understand a lot of things I speak at a lot of schools and they have the whole hair skin and nails of platform

23:29and and and schooling for you there and so if you’re going if you came out just knowing one of many things that they’re

23:37teaching you you sold yourself short what can you do to help with that really

23:44honestly take some CD courses on uh own hands courses where people are teaching

23:51things that you want to do whether it be locks whether it be color balayage things that you should have learned in

23:56school or whether it be some things that are new whether it be cuts that people are warning but something where it’s

24:03going to kind of help you extend a little bit more into your portfolio of

24:09knowing how to do certain cuts and different styles to diversify you into making more money and building more

24:15clientele outside of just one thing so you continue to take classes I really wish you would have learned a lot of

24:20these things in school but you know we’re here now so make the best of it take these courses these hands-on

24:25training courses so that you can get a little bit more student what you do could she also ask a friend who may be

24:32specialized in a different texture asking a friend who specialized in different textures whether they be of

24:38the same color or not is a great thing so definitely do that and reach out to

24:43people who doesn’t who don’t mind giving you one-on-one training so that you can kind of get that that personal touch and

24:49feel so that you can kind of understand from a little bit better perspective than just being a classroom okay hi dr.

24:58Caldwell great information I looked at your last webinar where you were listing

25:04out different tools not tools for the salon but tools for behind the scenes

25:09excuse me can you give us more information about that simplified employee pension plan I think you called

25:16it a an SCP definitely a self is that it’s

25:22it’s an individual it’s a it’s based on you being your own business so it’s

25:28called a self-employment plan and this is something that they do in the corporate businesses they call it 401k

25:33but this is the same thing as that you’re able to put more money in and you’re gonna be a little bit more aggressive as well so I think that when

25:41you go to a company that’s just say XYZ company that says we’re gonna match yeah

25:47we’re gonna match up to six percent a person that works at a company like that if they don’t do the max out

25:52there’s something really wrong with them you really need to make if they’re gonna match the dollar for dollar you need to go up to the highest percentage they’re

25:59gonna max it and just and just really understand it’s gonna work for you on the end the same thing goes for SCPs

26:05where people have their own businesses but we can’t put in probably six to ten times more than those people work those

26:12corporate jobs because those purple jobs aren’t gonna max out like they’re not gonna take their percentages up that high so I think it’s fifteen five when

26:20it comes to self-employment and I think it’s somewhere from 5 to 7 to 75 when it

26:25comes to working at a company so I really would think that if you’re going to save if you’re gonna really get out

26:32there and open an account and talk to someone who’s a real accountant at firms that can tell you what do you need to do

26:38and and and how aggressively you can go without being fearful knowing that you

26:43know if you’re gonna gamble on credit cards you’re gonna gamble on buy apartments and you’re gonna gamble on getting cars stuff like that you know

26:51that that interest that you’re paying could be money that you’re putting in the SE P so think about it like that if

26:56you’re gonna gamble gamble on yourself awesome oh really good question coming

27:02up okay dr. Tighe I was I’ve only been a stylist for two years and I really messed up my

27:09taxes the first year I heard that you guys have some kind of tool or you have

27:14some people on the team that can help me what can I do I really need help well one of the things that we thought about

27:21when I thought about building shishah and with my co-founder we really wanted to help people who were hurting in areas

27:28that I’ve always known in a hurry and taxes was one of those things that was so I now say degrading for them but

27:37you know we put ourselves in positions when it comes to taxes not paying our taxes not not telling the the kind of

27:44what we really make and not filing not filing the right way and not not putting on our taxes all the things that we need

27:51to file so we can do that on on share share you can go in there download go to

27:57share should outcome slash tax we’re able to give you a text savings account able to file your taxes quarterly and

28:03we’re also able to help you understand more about having that tax savings

28:09account so that you can really get maximized on how you need to file your taxes it really makes a difference when

28:15it comes to filing quarterly and when it comes to filing annually silent quality kind of gives you the leeway to at the

28:20end of the year you’re already in you paid your taxes and all you got to do is go into your tax tax account and they’re

28:26able to say hey you know what everything’s done you’ve paid in this is what you’re looking at whether you’re getting something or whether you’re

28:32breaking even but doing your taxes right is so imperative to not getting caught

28:37up and getting audited by the by the text RS in the tax department because they look at you they think that we

28:44don’t make any money and if you’re telling them if you’ve made seventy five thousand a year and you’re only claiming

28:49that you made thirty thousand you’re putting yourself in a bad position too one day if you want to decide to buy a

28:55house you can’t buy a house because who’s gonna buy a house for two hundred fifty thousand claiming for the last

29:01five years you know just just aggressively going up a little bit 35,000 40,000 45,000 50,000 55,000

29:09you’re not a bit about house making that kind of money so it’s best just wedding tip and let you let the IRS know what

29:15you’re really making do your taxes right so that you can benefit in the end these

29:20are the things that I try to share with people you can’t get around that it’s gonna hurt you in the long run especially when you decide to get

29:25married one day have kids and just really just really focus on attaining things that you really can’t attain

29:31without having another without having a job to do that a lot of times we get in this industry and we don’t we don’t

29:36understand that being in this industry we don’t need a part-time job if we’re making the money that we need we’re doing the right things without money

29:42we’re saving our money we’re sustaining the things we diversify what we’re doing we’re able to now

29:48really going to this going to this understanding of with Texas as a barber and be so excited as a stylist be

29:54excited that you’re a stylist because you’re making boo-boos dollars and you’re letting the IRS know and they don’t think that we’re just making

30:00pennies on the dollar and so value taxes right we help with that on share share like I said go to share share comm slash

30:07tax learn more about what we do I’m sure that you will love what we’re doing for this industry because it’s something

30:13that I think a lot of people need okay all right

30:18dr. Caldwell I feel like there are so many different tools being thrown at us in the industry nowadays what tools

30:25would you recommend somebody starts to use when first starting out I guess maybe they mean with helping with like

30:32to be more efficient and productive well that’s an open-ended question I really

30:37don’t know how to answer that question but I would definitely say that if you’re if you’re coming out of school or

30:43even if you’re licensed veteran professional you know if you are if you

30:50are doing if you if you’re coming out of school definitely separate your personal

30:57account from your business account that’s that’s number one if you’re because you don’t want to to get caught

31:04up into trying to itemize the difference in those things when it comes to breaking down for your taxes for one

31:10just kind of go back to the Texas perspective to you definitely want to

31:15start a savings account not a savings account per se but something where you can get a money market account something

31:21that’s gonna give you a little interest is and I don’t give you a lot but I give you enough to where it’s not just sitting there lying dormant and it’s not

31:27making anything so get your money market can I would definitely say that also if you’re gonna get a credit card get your

31:33credit card that’s gonna pay back in rewards I recently closed down one of my credit cards and I did not even know

31:39that I closed down run amok that I needed that I needed to close down his car and it paid me back $700 because I

31:45had like 7,000 points so he pay me a little bit over $700 based on the points that I had and I was excited about that

31:53number four if you have kids think about opening up a 529 and and

32:00definitely have a relationship with with the in distributors who you really like

32:05buying products from it’s nothing wrong with going to a salon a salon supply store to get your products but if you

32:12buy your products from a distributor you’re gonna get them for for less and you can charge and make more money on

32:18that so if you’re using products on your clients and you want to sell those products that’s another stream of income

32:24so you always want to think about different dreams with income while you’re in this industry and if you’re licensed veterans you want to teach

32:30classes is the best to teach classes about this about something you know as a veteran as something you become so

32:35suburban and and if you can teach it whether you teach it at another salon because we now allowing people to use

32:43your share to do education and different in different salons and that now is a platform that give people the

32:48opportunity going to salon bring in people whether they’re charging but they have now this this platform where they

32:54have all the accoutrements that they need instead of going into a hotel instead of going into their someone

32:59else’s home you can teach this now on the platform of share so always look at

33:05it as a benefit anything you’re doing build on it as a benefit to where you’re trying to go follow up to that question

33:10would you recommend I sign up for a booking Oh would you recommend that I

33:17signed up for booking app Oh looking out there are so many b2c apps out there when it comes to booking apps I don’t I

33:26won’t say don’t sign up for booking out if you have if you have a lot of

33:31clientele I’m assuming if you have a lot of clientele and you’re really not trying to get any more you kind of have

33:37your book already no fool but if you’re trying to build clientele whether you

33:43have a book for you still want more clientele if you’re trying to build clientele booking apps are great because it gives people the opportunity to

33:49actually go on there without calling your phone or without having to do all those things I’m looking for you and you

33:55care in a book around me personally I had a locked-in book a book of business

34:00so I didn’t need to use a booking platform I already knew the clientele that was coming often they were coming I

34:05just need to make sure they were in my database on my phone and that’s how it works but booking apps are great I think that

34:11they can really help you going toward your future of building your business especially for the young people out here we’re really focused on technology and

34:18social media okay any more questions for

34:23dr. Todd if you have any more questions guys I’m really here to let you know

34:28that it means a lot to me that I’m able to get onto a platform like a webinar because I think that having these

34:35questions really make a difference to the professionals out here who really want to understand a little bit more in

34:42the perspective of their growth and it’s a perspective of where they’re going with their with their business so there

34:47are some stylists who who after four or five years want to build so long on them and in barber shop owners and that’s

34:53good a thing about it is you know what you’re looking for go for your goals and

34:58focus on those things because at the end of the day what are you gonna have outside of that I thought if I could

35:04leave you with anything you know share these webinars with your friends and and how and let them know that they can get

35:10involved in these as well that means a lot to us because we’re putting together a platform that’s really gonna help people understand what we’re talking

35:18about when it comes to questions that they have and how we can answer those questions to get to where they need to go and I also share with them about your

35:24share the benefits of connecting with salons we have empty space to fill them

35:29with a licensed professional salon barber shop host and the user which is a licensed beauty professional they’re

35:35looking for a place to rent these are things that we’re working on technologies is it’s really taking over

35:41the world right now and we’re in the forefront of it because we’re given these licensed professionals the

35:46beginning of their life cycle which is finding a place to work and so these people who can’t rent a space and pay

35:52poof rent or can’t sign long-term contracts and even if you are in those and you want to be able to go across

35:57town you don’t have to really lose clientele anymore you can use your share to really take care of your needs

36:03whether it be taxes and also education as well so this is something that I

36:08really believe in I’m passionate about it I come from this industry you can reach of that Instagram and share share

36:14that share share or at or you can get my Instagram at dr. Todd Caldwell also on twitter at dr. todd caldwell and twitter

36:21share share or you can rejoin us at Hale at hello SEO calm if you need any more

36:26information that you want to understand about ship share go to WWE era dot-com guys thank you for

36:34being on this webinar today all the questions was super awesome I’m so glad

36:39that you came and we’ll talk soon peace out bye guys

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