Reshaping the World of Self-Employment: How 3 Companies Are Changing the Game

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ShearShare: The Only App Enabling Solo Stylists to Book Workspaces By the Day

How often do you usually get a haircut? A few times a year? Whenever and wherever you go, you’ve probably seen an unused seat or two in your salon or barbershop.

According to Courtney Caldwell, co-founder of ShearShare, that’s not a rare occurrence. “Most people don’t realize that 40 percent of salon and barbershop owners have empty seats,” says Courtney. “These dormant seats are the cause of lost revenue, and make it difficult for salons to stay open.”

Courtney and Tye Caldwell launched ShearShare in 2012, when they discovered the need for an app that offers up these underutilized spaces to independent workers. “We serve the salon owners, booth owners and the independent stylist who needs space to work and doesn’t want to sign a contract and be handcuffed to one particular location,” says Courtney. “ShearShare is the first mobile app that lets stylists book space by the day, in cities all over the world.”

Together, Courtney and Tye bring leadership experience, business smarts, team-building skills and optimism to the table. And one thing they’re happy to bring to their users is a recession-proof industry. Think about it: Everyone needs to get their hair cut at some point. “Our particular industry has staying power,” says Courtney. “It’s evergreen. Even in a recession, people will still want to get their hair done, and stylists won’t be replaced by a robot or an AI, ever. So we’re not surprised that it’s such a desirable choice. You have so much freedom and flexibility.”

The Caldwells’ life-changing app has made all the difference to self-employed barbers all over the nation. “Every day we hear from people that we’re helping them keep their doors open,” says Courtney.