Make Your Salon and Barbershop Sustainable

How ShearShare Can Make Your Salon and BarberShop Sustainable

Tips for Sustainable Salons and Barbershops

Saving the environment is just about recycling and composting. It’s also about building sustainable businesses that help reduce are carbon footprint. Profits are important to keep your business going, but health profits come from conserving resources and reducing our costs of operations. The less we use, the less it costs. Its a win-win that any business owner can get behind, especially salon, spa and barbershop owns.

Empty Booths & Suites Waste Energy

Using the ShearShare app allows salon, spa and barbershops owners to utilize vacant space that would otherwise cost an untold amount as it still requires the use of energy. The ShearShare app does the work for you so that you can focus on building your business and maintaining an earth-friendly footprint. By adding your business and available listing to the app, ShearShare puts your vacant space in front of thousands of potential renters, which is as energy efficient as it gets!

More Conservation Tips

Our friends over at minetanbodyskin.com put together a short list of tips you can use to reduce your shops consumption and help mother earth and keep your profits healthy. They include:

  • Conserving Water usage
  • Investing in green lighting
  • Recycling your products
  • Buying eco friendly products
  • Buying Energy Efficient machines

These are smalls steps you can take to do you part.