Salon Success: Essential Apps for Managing Your Business

Most beauty specialists agree salon management is hard. You must showcase your best styles, do marketing, and manage bookings. You have to decide the charges to make for a particular style. You must manage your books well, and pay your bills, workers, and taxes.

All these tasks can overwhelm you if you do them manually. The latest salon business management software comes in handy. They contain features that help you manage everything from your phone or computer. Your choices for top software in the market increase daily. Here are the best options you may consider.

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Stilio is one of the best salon booking apps. Its best features are a friendly UI, booking link, and CRM. Beauty experts, workers, and salon owners find this app easy to use. It can be integrated into other platforms quickly. Customers use the booking link on mobile or by logging into the platform. This app is built for beauty therapists, barbers, salons, and spas.

Continued use of salon apps increases the amount of trash in your iPhone. You must empty the trash to avoid affecting the smooth working of your phone. The only challenge is that there is no centralized trash folder on the iPhone. You have to use other tricks to clear deleted iPhone items. Each application stores its own trash once deleted. That means you have to open each app and remove its trash. Since salon software produces a lot of trash, it is crucial to know how to empty trash on iPhone. You can do this by visiting the Files app. Open the Browse tad, Locations, and then Recently Deleted. Delete all the trash to improve your iPhone performance.

Stilio provides great flexibility when setting up or using it. Users get 24/7 support from humans. It lets customers write feedback. Users may subscribe for 3 months, half a year, or one year. The minimum price is $16.31 and the maximum is $54.8. Prices for these apps here are current and may change in the future.


Fresha is one of the currently trending salon scheduling systems. Its primary features are the calendar and appointment booking features. It is set to send reminders automatically. This software combines business and personal applications. It lets you list your salon.

Listing allows customers to search and find your salon. They make bookings within the platform and even make payments. It lets you show if you are available for an appointment or not. The software lets you market your salon and is secure. It costs $20 + 2.19% to accept online payments. You can send messages and in-app notifications.


Salonist is a top management and salon POS app. Barbers, spas, and salons use it as a management system. This platform is available as a suite comprising multiple tools. It’s effective for marketing, billing, payroll, and inventory management. The software is easy to use and has several automation features.

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It lets you manage bookings with a drag-and-drop calendar feature. You can assign different colors to match different booking statuses. Customers can sign up as members to book off-hours. Its monthly base cost is $25. You can customize your price depending on your staffing and business needs.


Wellyx runs the operational activities of your salon. This salon software lets you streamline the operations of your business. You can use it to track your business efficiency and profitability. This app is an excellent automation software. It lets you market through emails, chats, and SMS.

It is a lead management tool with many features. The platform is used for scheduling, and managing waiting lists, and points of sale. Users get 24/7 customer support. The app provides three plans. The lowest costs $79 and the highest 149.


Canva helps you bring out all your creativity. The app features customizable templates. It lets you create posts to share customer testimonials and latest styles. You can create designs and provide easy styling tips. Each template in this app helps create captivating visual stories. The app costs $12.99 monthly for 100 design styles and over 250,000 templates.


Facebook is a marketing and communication platform. It is perfect for spreading awareness and creating stories about your salon. You can connect with thousands of followers and groups. The platform has several useful features.

●      It has a dedicated messaging and inbox feature.

●      You can post in News Feed, Wall, and Friends.

●      It allows sharing and comments to promote awareness.

●      You can pay to boost your ads to expand your reach.

●      The platform easily integrates with many CRMs.


Boulevard is a popular platform in the beauty industry. It was developed for massage parlors, spas, salons, and barbers. It is one platform that features multiple applications. It lets you generate leads, guide them, and help them book. You can use it to communicate by messaging your clients while managing bookings.

Users never need to leave the platform to make payments. It enhances the checkout experience and nurtures sustainable relationships.  Boulevard’s key features include self-booking, forms, API, and POS hardware. It works as a CRM tool, payment processing platform, and scheduling software.


Manual salon management is overwhelming due to the repetitive tasks. Most salon apps let you automate many tasks. You can use them for marketing, lead generation, and receiving payments. They help you manage payrolls, taxes, overheads, and bills. Choose salon apps with multiple uses. They let you save on costs and time and minimize errors.