Increasing Your Business’ Profitability

ShearShare 2.0 Puts Focus On Increasing Your Business’ Profitability

The most exciting part about running a business is the constant change. Markets change, products change, customer needs change and your business needs to be ready to evolve to stay relevant in the customer’s eyes. For the last fours years, ShearShare has focused on space-as-a-service and that continues to be a major focus as owners and operators look to fill vacant workspace with beauty and barbering professionals in need of space to service their clients.

Workspace is Just the Beginning

While workspace is always important, we understand that it is not the only aspect of a business that needs consistent focus. There’s the customer experience, operational costs, product reviews, and the overall health of your business. These topics are not exclusive to hosts or professionals, they aren’t even exclusive to the beauty and barbering industry. 

However, while other industries have tools and services to focus on these small business issues, our industry hasn’t quite caught up with the trends.

ShearShare Is Offering Solutions

With the release of our newest app update we’ve introduced a number of features and services that help each one of our ShearShare users grow and protect their business. Growing revenue is always the first thought that comes to mind when you think about profitability. Although, cost reduction is also a valuable way of increasing your profitability. 

Business Listing Dashboard

ShearShare helps with cost reduction for our Hosts with the introduction of our Business Listing Dashboard. With the Dashboard you can manage data about your in-app listings to understand how they are performing, compare them with similar listings in your area for optimal price and make sure they are earning you consistent revenue.


Usage Based Liability Insurance

We’ve also doubled down on our exclusive usage-based liability insurance which is available to all ShearShare users, no questions asked. As a ShearShare Host, every in-app reservation that you accept comes with complimentary liability protection that covers you and your business up to $1,000,000 in specified damages. Its letter value that you can’t pay for!

ShearShare Pros benefit from our insurance offering as well. Whether you have outside coverage or not, all ShearShare Pros have the ability to purchase liability insurance during the checkout process, for only the days they need. Instead of having to pay monthly insurance, even if you only work 4 days a month, ShearShare gives you the flexibility to save your money on things you don’t need. At just $5/day, this is added value that pays back in dividends. 

These are just a few services we offer that help our Community of amazing professionals and owners keep pushing forward towards success and more importantly profitability. For an up close and personal look at all that ShearShare offers to our members, head to the App Store or Google Play store to download the app for free. If you’re already a member, login and connect with other ShearShare users today!