A Top CEO in the Beauty Startup Space

ShearShare CEO Named A Top CEO in the Beauty Startup Space

CEO Boardroom Media has named ShearShare CEO, Dr. Tye Caldwell, one of 101 top Chief Executive Officers in the beauty startup space! The publication tracked over a million startups and over five million people who hold key positions at those companies. According to the site, “We use this directory of startups to highlight top employees, founders, and board members we think deserve more appreciation than they are currently getting.”

The individuals on their list have been included because of exceptional performance in one of the following categories:

  • Innovation – Operating as a key part in an extremely innovative business or startup. 
  • Growth – Operating as a key figure in the growth and upscale of a market-leading business or startup. 
  • Management – Showing exceptional management skills. 
  • Societal impact – Putting their business on the map for their positive societal or environmental impact.

Congratulations to Dr. Tye on being recognized as a top CEO! Take a look at the full list here.