How to be a Booked and Busy ShearShare Host: 4 Best Practices

How to be a Booked and Busy ShearShare Host: 4 Best Practices

Do you have an empty station or suite in your salon or barbershop? What are you doing to help fill that empty space? Whether you are new to the ShearShare app or have been on the app for years, this webinar is for you! Dr. Tye and Courtney Caldwell share 4 best practices for how top Hosts stay booked and busy on our app. If you’re a ShearShare Host, you’ll learn practical tips for standing out on our app and getting more licensed cosmetologists and barbers to take advantage of daily booth rental in your salon or shop!

If you’d rather read the video transcript, you can find the full transcript below:

2:18 all right well happy Monday to everyone

2:22 got Courtney and ty here cofounders of

2:25 sheer share thank you guys so very much

2:28 for joining us today again we’ll spend

2:31 20 minutes presentation all around being

2:35 a phenomenal shear share host these are

2:37 some of the four best of the best of the

2:40 best practices we’ve seen from some of

2:42 our busiest and most popular hosts and

2:44 want to take the time to share those

2:46 with our entire community and then we’ll

2:49 spend 10 minutes on a QA so get your

2:52 questions ready we’ll hold those to the

2:53 very end but without any further ado dr.

2:57 Tai Carlo will kick us off good

2:59 afternoon everyone I am so glad to be

3:01 here with you guys and I’m glad that you

3:03 guys are here with me we want to

3:04 definitely talk about four best

3:06 practices for being a share share host

3:09 we think that this is something that you

3:12 know we definitely need we think that

3:14 the hosts have a lot of questions and we

3:17 want to sit here and debunk any myths or

3:18 anything that they’re maybe giving them

3:21 some apprehensive thoughts about what

3:25 it’s like to be a show host so we

3:26 want to try to be as very forthright

3:29 with you as we possibly can and get you

3:32 guys to understand why we do what we do

3:34 so my background is 25 years in the

3:38 beauty industry two decades in salon and

3:41 barbershop owner I wrote a best-selling

3:43 book called mentor by failure and I also

3:45 have my doctorate in professional barber

3:47 and cosmetology now Courtney who’s the

3:49 rock star she is she has 20 years and

3:51 b2b marketing b2b tech marketing she ran

3:55 Oracle’s digital demand in over five

3:58 continents she was also named Dallas

4:01 Business Journal’s women in tech 2018

4:04 and she has done some phenomenal things

4:06 and seen some a lot of great things in

4:09 the industry so we want to make sure

4:10 that you guys understand that we are you

4:13 and you are us and we want to be able to

4:15 give you guys what you want so the app

4:18 lets Elana stylus connect with each

4:22 other the salon owner has has empty

4:25 space and the stylists are looking for

4:27 the empty space to work on demand the

4:29 first app out there to ever do this

4:31 where trailblaze

4:32 the industry right now and it was a

4:34 problem we were trying to solve for

4:35 ourselves so back in 2012 when I

4:38 expanded he rebranded my salon I found

4:40 myself with empty chairs for a course of

4:42 time but one thing I recognized that the

4:44 stylist didn’t want to sign long-term

4:46 leases or contracts but I did have a

4:48 stylist who wanted to rent by the day

4:49 because she had moved in another section

4:52 of the city which is Dallas and she

4:54 decided she didn’t want to sign a lease

4:57 she just wanted to work by the day so I

4:59 had to take that month that thought

5:01 process to my wife and and see what she

5:03 thought about it I was collecting dust

5:04 rather dollars on their space so I

5:06 decided hey you know what it’s time to

5:08 make make a change and help people where

5:10 they’re needed and that’s how she sure

5:12 was born the technology wasn’t built so

5:14 we built it ourselves those were the

5:17 days huh all right guys so first things

5:21 first if you’ve chosen to take this

5:23 journey with us and it’s gonna be an

5:25 awesome journey just think about the

5:26 early days of great companies like

5:28 Airbnb and lyft and uber you guys are

5:31 honestly getting in on the ground floor

5:33 so thank you in advance for trusting us

5:36 to come alongside you to help grow and

5:38 extend your business but we get this

5:40 question is probably one of the top

5:42 three questions what you say okay each

5:44 of our hosts they say how can i generate

5:46 that so all-important first booking and

5:50 there are two ways and again this is all

5:53 information taken from our most busiest

5:55 our most popular hosted on the platform

5:57 who literally are booking four or five

6:00 days and a given week ok all right so

6:02 number one is promote promote promote

6:04 you’re gonna hear us say that a lot

6:07 you know there’s it’s not by accident

6:08 that the word share is in our company

6:11 name you know this is something that

6:13 didn’t exist before and so because we’re

6:16 still so new it definitely takes a team

6:18 effort on both our part and your part to

6:21 help promote that this is available at

6:23 your salon at your barber shop so we

6:27 always say sharing is caring right so

6:28 first thing you can do is kind of start

6:30 by sharing with your social media

6:31 followers that you are now an authorized

6:33 share share host and that they can book

6:35 your space by the day on the new sheer

6:37 share app several of our hosts we’re

6:41 already doing like craigslist ads right

6:43 or the

6:44 may have been on indeed but now they are

6:47 starting to make sure that they also

6:49 share that you can now book their space

6:52 by the day on sure sure app and so they

6:54 they may add that to their language on

6:57 their Craigslist app something super

6:59 simple that you can do today that you’re

7:00 already probably already doing

7:03 definitely want to make sure that you’re

7:05 putting your best foot forward so those

7:06 photos on the share share listing those

7:09 are always to make sure they highlight

7:11 the best parts of your space and make

7:13 sure you include some really good notes

7:15 about parking and whether it’s free or

7:17 paid the type of culture or the vibe

7:19 inside the barber shop or salon stylists

7:22 are definitely looking for notes of that

7:24 nature when we do the promo listing for

7:27 you guys a very simple way to start to

7:31 add to that advertising it’s just a

7:33quick copy and paste go ahead and repost

7:36 or retweet your promotion on your

7:38 Instagram and your Facebook channel

7:40 super super easy make sure you also

7:42 smile for the camera there are a few

7:45 hosts that have been really smart about

7:47 this where they are starting to post

7:48 short video announcements that they’re

7:50 now authorized cher cher hosts I

7:51 actually want to show you guys an

7:53 example here’s one from our host in San

7:58 Francisco everyone it’s Jermaine wanted

8:02 to give sheer share a special shout out

8:04 for visiting us here in San Francisco

8:05 California for all the artists looking

8:08 to rent a chair we are now part of the

8:10 shear cher family download cheer share

8:13 on the App Store we hope to see you guys

8:15 there bye alright that’s one here’s

8:20 another awesome one that just came in

8:22 this morning

8:39 [Music]

8:43 so break the locks for daily love it

9:08 also hosts are sharing a virtual tour of

9:12 their space as Silas love this because

9:15 it gives them a sense of the either open

9:19 station or open sleep before they even

9:21 book so here you can see a walkthrough

9:24 of the shampoo room I think that was the

9:27 makeup room at first here’s the break

9:29 room equipped with on-site washer/dryer

9:32 bathroom refrigerator and again it gives

9:37 a really good sense of how the stylist

9:39 can see themselves in the space before

9:42 they even book you know I love how they

9:44 show the number of dryers a dryer area

9:47 magazine and the great beautiful

9:52 stations here this is one of our hosts

9:54 out in Texas

9:57 [Music]

10:04 and lastly I would say once you you do a

10:08 virtual tour and make an announcement on

10:10your existing channels make sure that

10:13 you are showcasing your share share host

10:15 decal there are plenty of visiting

10:18 stylists who may walk by your place of

10:20 business and you may already have in

10:22 your window you know looking to you know

10:24 provide booth rent or looking to hire

10:26 most times now depending on especially

10:29 the city or region they’re looking for

10:31 those sheer sheer hosts and so just like

10:33 a little Wi-Fi decal used to tell people

10:36 that you can come in to Starbucks and

10:37 get free Wi-Fi stylus barbers

10:39 estheticians makeup artist massage

10:41therapists they’re looking at nail techs

10:43 are looking for that share share decal

10:45 so if you don’t have one please be sure

10:47 to reach out to our team just in a quick

10:49 email to hello at cher cher calm and

10:52 we’ll be sure to get that for you and

10:54 display that proudly so again remember

10:57 that the most active you are in

10:58 advertising the faster you will receive

11:00 your very first booking and then for

11:03 that very first booking many of our

11:05 hosts again are getting really smart

11:06 about this and that they’re discounting

11:08 that all-important first-years your

11:10 booking it’s not to say that your price

11:12 is gonna go from fifty to forty dollars

11:13 for every subsequent your booking but

11:16 just to get that first stylist in the

11:17 door you want to give them an incentive

11:19 to come in put your space and then rate

11:21 it and review it which then naturally

11:24 tells everyone else about you so great

11:29 so one of the second thing we want to

11:31 talk about is how to respond to

11:33 reservation requests within two hours

11:34 now we say within two hours because we

11:37 feel like that is a great time range but

11:39 if you are if you are looking for uber

11:42 and you’ve requested an uber and it

11:45 takes more than five minutes more than

11:47 likely you’re gonna get a little bit

11:48 upset yes because you may have to be

11:50 somewhere at a certain time and then

11:51 you’re gonna be like well man you know

11:53 this is taking too long this is taking

11:54 long well the the licensed professionals

11:56 think the same thing so we try to do two

11:58 hours as a sweet spot of time but within

12:02 within two hours we really feel like if

12:04 if the host hasn’t responded there’s a

12:06 possibility that the notifications are

12:08 own that are on so you know really take

12:12 it seriously that to respond if your

12:13 notifications are on and now if the

12:15 notifications are not on we typically

12:17 want you

12:18 to understand that we’re we’re sharing

12:20 this with you now please turn your

12:22 notifications on you know getting a good

12:25 rating and review is not just about the

12:27 state it encompasses the whole the whole

12:29 experience they have to get prepared the

12:31 starters have to get prepared they have

12:33 to connect to the clients on the

12:34 location because just to say if you deny

12:37 it and your notifications on you deny

12:39 the request maybe because you’re out of

12:41 town and you’re having some shock with

12:43 preparations whether you are doing some

12:46 painting or something and you have to

12:48 deny that that notice that that person

12:50 wanted to come and that notification of

12:52 them wanting to be interesting on then

12:53 we understand that so now they have to

12:55 go back to the app and look for another

12:56 salon and you have to realize time is of

12:58 essence so make sure you are you are

13:01 signed in on a share share app on your

13:03 mobile device and a reminder it’s the

13:05 same mobile number you provided when you

13:06 filled out the application form and

13:08 remember to check the calendar regularly

13:10 to make sure that it is showing the

13:12 correct available dates and unavailable

13:14 dates yet is so important yeah you will

13:16 need to contact us to make any changes

13:18 if you have to do that however the

13:20 feature to update your own calendar is

13:22 in the pipeline for us to do and build

13:23 into the at yourself so I was super

13:25 excited about that three double check

13:28 that push notification and if there turn

13:31 Toni and accept the reservations within

13:33 24 hours this is very important for

13:35 visiting solids that are just excited

13:37 about making that first trip booked and

13:38 as you are about receiving their first

13:40 request so please please be sure to

13:42 review each reservation and respond in a

13:45 timely manner

13:46 ideally within a couple of hours as we

13:48 spoke yes we’ve had we’ve had several

13:51 stylists who have booked certain days

13:53 and then the host comes back and says oh

13:55 gosh and I’m gonna be out of town or I

13:57 forgot to tell you guys that I’m not

13:59 gonna be open the day before a holiday

14:00 and then what happens is that visiting

14:03 stylist cancels the reservation and then

14:05 goes to another host never to come back

14:07 to that initial host because they had

14:10 such a great experience with the the

14:11 second option so please guys super

14:13 important that you have your

14:15 notifications on and that you’re

14:16 responding quickly so remember this if

14:18 you remember nothing else remember

14:19 nothing else reservations with quick

14:22 turnaround response times set the tone

14:24 for reliable communication is this the

14:27 right expectation for stylist and attend

14:28 to receive a higher review on average so

14:31 these are the things that we

14:32 I’m super important that the hosts need

14:34 to know in order to get not just more

14:37 bookings but in order to get you know

14:39 people looking at their salon and

14:41 feeling like that that their salon is

14:42 wanting to be selected thanks so number

14:46 three you definitely want to practice

14:48 the golden rule in hosting now once you

14:50 have received and accepted the booking

14:52 you can message and connect directly

14:53 with through the app with the licensed

14:56 professional that will be busy so one

14:58 make sure you coordinate a start time

15:00 with the visiting stylist that gives

15:01 them enough time to park and get settled

15:03 starters have to have time to get

15:05 comfortable in their temporary working

15:07 environment for the day they and host

15:09 tend to get a better rating and a higher

15:11 rating if they do something to provide

15:13 clear directions to the visiting stylist

15:15 about how to enter the salon a barber

15:17 shop landmarks cross streets access

15:19 codes receptionist details are all

15:21 helpful pieces of information so be sure

15:24 to make it super super easy for the

15:26 visiting Styles to have access to

15:28 reserve the space number 3 make sure

15:31 that the styling station of suite is

15:32 immaculately clean this is important I

15:34 can’t I can’t express enough yeah about

15:38 being clean sometimes you can shoot a

15:40 picture sometimes you can do all these

15:42 things that can make a picture look good

15:44 but nothing tells the the picture until

15:48 they really get there and see it for

15:50 themselves so you could have just

15:52 cleaned it up just for that picture but

15:53 if it doesn’t look like that picture

15:55 looks in person then people are going to

15:58 really really be a little bit

16:00 disappointed and then may give you a bad

16:01 review so make sure that they know that

16:05 that the styling station is gonna be

16:07 clean

16:08 check the countertop check the drawers

16:10 for hair I misplaced tools etc number

16:13 four welcome your visitors stylist to

16:15 your salon with the tour be friendly and

16:17 inviting we say be friendly and inviting

16:19 because one of the things that we like

16:21 about ratings and reviews it makes

16:24 everyone play safe it makes everyone

16:25 play friendly and it you don’t have to

16:28 not be yourself I mean we are all

16:30 artists you know whether you’re a salon

16:32 owner and your operator or whether

16:34 you’re a stylist or a barber and you’re

16:36 working and we’re all artists so we

16:37 actually know what it’s gonna take to

16:39 continue to give our clients what they

16:42 want the retention that it’s going to

16:43 take and retention now can be

16:45 for you just as much with your clientele

16:47 on share share with with the licensed

16:50 professionals so you definitely want to

16:52 understand the relationship that’s in

16:55 between not just you and the owner but

16:57 with the clients will everyone wants to

16:59 be wants to be comfortable everyone

17:01 wants to be happy so these things are

17:03 just important not just as the share

17:07 share of the company but we want to make

17:09 sure we’re providing the right tools and

17:11 essential things that you need to make

17:13 sure that state is very good so

17:14 definitely the regular reviews for

17:16 everyone to be friendly it’s gonna be

17:18 important visiting scholars want to know

17:21 that they are stepping into a warm

17:22 environment where people are nice and

17:24 friendly and during the tour introduced

17:26 to visit installers to team members well

17:28 not the bathroom location breaking room

17:29 the towels the client waiting area

17:32 exception and and you know 99% of

17:36 authorized share shows provide

17:37 complimentary towel service the trash

17:39 receptacle electrical outlets fluted

17:41 dryer and access to back bar shampoo and

17:44 conditioners really all we actually

17:45 provide for visiting stylist be sure

17:48 these items are in plain sight to be

17:50 used by the visiting stylist as well so

17:53 go on do something special that that

17:56 stylist will remember put out candy dish

17:58 place magazines at their workstation add

18:00 a small flower base anything that they

18:02 can see that can be a touch that can

18:04 make them feel real comfortable and love

18:06 your space and make sure that they can

18:08 probably change this space again because

18:10 they’re gonna go off the experience if

18:11 they have the first time our hosts in

18:13 Tennessee and Texas are really good

18:14 about that candy thing it seems so small

18:16 guys but just doing just going above and

18:19 beyond to spend an extra dollar just to

18:21 provide it and actually welcome Lee

18:24 space my saying that right yeah

18:25 if you’re welcoming space for the

18:27 visiting stylist it really does make a

18:28 difference and again these are folks who

18:29 are getting you know therefore plus

18:31 bookings in a given week yep so during

18:34 during the time of the stage check in

18:36 with the stylist throughout the day so

18:37 they they know you care and they know

18:38 that you’re looking out for them and if

18:40 there’s anything that they need and if

18:42 possible be there when the visiting

18:44 style be when the visiting stylist

18:47 closes for the day maybe help them pack

18:49 up make sure they don’t leave without

18:50 any of their own equipment or tools

18:52 behind these these are things that are

18:54 gonna really make sure you get the

18:56 quickest tree bookings are those when

18:58 the business

18:59 I feel super comfortable and special

19:01 these are things that I take important

19:03 as a salon owner myself and I just want

19:05 to give these tools and a necessary

19:06 needs to you as well it’s all about the

19:09 community right it’s all about

19:10 competition

19:11 yes goes a long way all right number

19:16 four ratings and reviews promised you

19:20 guys this will get you more rebooking

19:23 and you’re gonna be amazed at how just

19:25 getting that first rating and that first

19:27 review really does make a huge

19:28 difference so the very first tip we said

19:31 was to promote into discount so even if

19:35 you take off ten dollars from your share

19:37 shared day rate just to get that

19:38 all-important first rating it’s gonna be

19:40 well worth it in the end as you know

19:43 stylists have the opportunity to rate

19:45 and review their hosts at the end of a

19:47 share share stay and each of you has the

19:49 opportunity to rate and review that

19:50 visiting stylists this is important

19:52 because those shears ratings instead of

19:54 five stars we have five shares ratings

19:56 they carry on on your profile and when

19:59 stylists are booking on the app they

20:02 start to first search for people who

20:04 have already stayed at a place to see

20:05 what kind of reviews have been left so

20:07 if your listing does not have a rating

20:09 or does not have a review just yet let’s

20:11 partner together to do what we can to

20:13 make sure that you get that first rating

20:15 or that first review and then after your

20:18 share share stay make sure you log back

20:20 into the app usually within 24 hours to

20:23 48 hours reopen the share share app and

20:26 provide a rating for that stylist it’s

20:28 going to automatically prompt you when

20:29 you reopen the app you’re gonna be able

20:31 to rate on a one to five shears rating

20:34 we’ve just added in half rating so now

20:36 you can do a 4.5 or 3.5 and then it’ll

20:39 ask you to add some color commentary in

20:42 a free-form text box about that

20:44 particular stylist and then do this be

20:47 sure to post your new rating on your

20:49 social media channels this will make

20:51 sure that other stylists can see how how

20:54 their fellow professionals rate you as

20:55 an authorized host um again guys this

20:58 goes a long way be sure to tag cher cher

21:01 so that we want to make sure our team

21:03 also spreads the love

21:08 so teamwork makes the dream work you got

21:11 to know that and it rings true in any

21:14 form of life whether you’re raising a

21:17 family whether you work for a corporate

21:19 company or whether you’re just building

21:20 a startup like we are teamwork makes the

21:22 dream work

21:23 so one share your network with share

21:26 your network share with your network

21:28 that you are now authorized your hosts

21:30 yeah let me say that again share with

21:32 your network that you are now and

21:34 authorize your host to you definitely

21:37 want to be up on the location your price

21:39 and your photos these need to be super

21:41 in sync and they need to be tell it they

21:43 need to speak loud at what the what the

21:46 licensed professional is looking at

21:47 three you never can over communicate

21:50 over communication is not a bad thing

21:52 sometimes people think that you know

21:54 over communicating is annoying over

21:56 communicating is giving people an

21:57 opportunity to understand what you are

22:00 providing understand what you are saying

22:01 so over communication is definitely what

22:04 you want to do and again because your

22:05 shares so new guys and you guys are part

22:07 of this first swath of share share hosts

22:10 you know making sure that when the the

22:13 team takes you guys to introduce you to

22:14 the stylist making sure you’re looking

22:16 at your app to make sure that you’ve

22:18 responded to every message that the

22:19 visiting stylist may have if a person

22:22 asks you know to come in and do a quick

22:24 tour before their sheer sheer stay just

22:26 make sure you are communicating with

22:28 them going above and beyond to make sure

22:29 that they have an awesome first

22:31 experience it’s great get information

22:33 provide an amenity clean station of

22:36 sweet I cannot stress this enough yeah

22:38 just a little things that matter in life

22:40 sometimes people think it’s the big

22:41 thing oh this this this thing right here

22:44 it makes a difference notice the little

22:45 things being super clean and with not

22:49 just your station your sweep up your

22:50 bathroom your overall area people look

22:53 at things that you really don’t think

22:54 they’re looking at the first review

22:56 matters way more than you think yes way

22:58 more than you then post your new rating

23:01 and reviews on your social media

23:02 channels to showcase your listing people

23:04 if we all have followers and whether

23:07 you’re on Facebook whether you’re on

23:08 Twitter let people know loud and proud

23:11 what that new rating review was if it

23:13 was a great rating you want to make sure

23:15 and I’m gonna say this no one should

23:19 have a bad rating

23:20 if your own share share you should not

23:21 have a bad rating because you chose to

23:23 be a part of this great family to be a

23:26 part of this great community and you

23:27 want people to see and you want to be

23:29 proud of what you have and what you own

23:31 and what you have built for these

23:33 visiting scholars whether they local or

23:35 whether the out of state

23:36 so post your new rating reviews on

23:38 social media channels to showcase this

23:40 listing and lastly continue to share

23:43 share share I know I expressed social

23:46 media whether it be IG whether it be IG

23:49 Facebook Twitter whatever you have out

23:52 there within it and also you can’t

23:54 forget word of mouth carries a lot of

23:57 weight so let people know and continue

24:00 to share the good news about what sure

24:01 sure does and how it’s going to be

24:03 amazing for not just for your salon but

24:06 share it to other salon owners share it

24:07 to other licensed professionals so they

24:09 can know that this is a this is an

24:11 industry of shit’ll community of sharing

24:13 and community and this is what’s gonna

24:15 now keep a lot of salons out there that

24:17 are not doing as well trying to get this

24:20 person to start a long term contract

24:21 that’s going to keep them open but yet

24:23 we have we have so many salon owners

24:25 that have are getting so many bookings

24:27 is actually paying their leads so you

24:29 can point and make sure that you are

24:31 part of something that is new but at the

24:33 end when you’re coming on the ground the

24:35 ground floor something it’s only gonna

24:37 get better and we’re giving the host and

24:39 the licensed professionals what they

24:40 want and we’re listening to what you

24:41 guys are saying so continue to share

24:43 share share yeah I will say to that that

24:46 you know when Ty and I created share

24:48 share it was all about making sure that

24:50 our industry has a win-win right so it’s

24:52 not it wouldn’t be fair if it was just a

24:54 win for the owner side right it wouldn’t

24:56 be fair if it was just a win for the

24:58 independent stylist I like in order for

25:00 this thing to truly support and uplift

25:02 the community that we serve every day

25:04 which we feel is the best industry in

25:06 the entire world it had to be a win-win

25:08 so stylists who may not be able to

25:09 afford booth ruin or who don’t want

25:11 lutheran or who want to kind of try

25:12 before they buy now they have an

25:14 opportunity salon owners who have those

25:16 overhead costs we’ve been there we still

25:18 own our salon in North Dallas you know

25:21 knowing that an empty chair cost money

25:23 at the end of the day so how can we help

25:25 our fellow owners fill that chair this

25:28 was all a part of making sure that our

25:29 community continued used to stand and be

25:31 strong and so thank you again guys for

25:33 a part of it you’re in on the very

25:35 earliest days so excited to have you as

25:38 part of this your shear family again you

25:40 can email us at hello at cher cher comm

25:42 let us know how we can help further but

25:44 we hope this gives you insight into

25:45 getting that very important first year

25:49 cher stay how to generate additional

25:50 bookings and the importance of having

25:53 that feedback from a trusted source

25:56 when these visiting stylists are looking

25:57 to book on the app that’s all for now

26:01 you know you definitely want to try to

26:03 connect with us as soon as possible

26:06 Twitter and share share you can connect

26:08 with me at dr. Todd Carr well you can

26:10 also connect on IG as cher cher IG with

26:15 me we’ll be at dr. at dr. ty Caldwell

26:18 and also you can follow up with us at

26:20 hello at cher calm hello as cher cher

26:22 calm and also go to WWE sure calm and

26:26 get any information you need fa Q’s we

26:29 have a lot of information in there that

26:31 you guys can have so is there no further

26:33 ado if you have any questions we are

26:35 here to take them okay I see one

26:38 question from Jazz in Tennessee jazz

26:43 asks that’s a great idea about

26:45 decreasing my daily rate on the app how

26:49 would I go about doing that okay great

26:51 so actually jazz we we are in the

26:54 process of making this extremely easy on

26:57 the app for our hosts to do so so in a

27:01 few weeks you’ll be able to see a button

27:03 that they already know if you have not

27:05 yet had your first you’re sure stay and

27:07 you’ll be able to choose you know 10%

27:09 off 15% off 20% off for that first share

27:13 share stay and then once you have a

27:15 booking that will automatically

27:16 disappear so that’s in a few weeks now

27:19 if you want to change your day rate

27:20 today go ahead and either text the team

27:24 or you can shoot a quick email to hello

27:26 at and just tell them what you’d like

27:27 you or new day rate to be that happens

27:29 more often than you guys think and then

27:31 the host will go up in price and so

27:33 because we’ve seen that over and over

27:35 and over again we want to go ahead and

27:36 write ooh automate that for you guys but

27:37 it won’t be live for another couple of

27:39 weeks great question

27:41 any other question

27:43 out there for host we’re glad that you

27:46 guys were on this webinar we want to be

27:50 able to share as much possible that we

27:52 can about the host we will come back in

27:55 the near future and talk about the

27:56 licensed professionals and and what

27:58 they’re looking for and giving people

27:59 the information that they need we are

28:01 here at any time you need any questions

28:04 you can like I said you can call go to

28:06 hello at cher cher comm or you can email

28:08 you can email us and get all the

28:11 information not just from us but from

28:13 the team they’re very uh they’re very

28:15 equipped with the information that

28:17 you’re looking for so just take the time

28:19 to listen to this share this with

28:22 other people and we will definitely be

28:24 in contact soon with more information

28:26 and also great tools to follow in the

28:29 app thank you guys for being a part

28:31 community / competition 

28:35 have a great day guys

28:37 you

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