ShearShare is a Memorable Pitch of 2018 by The Pitch

Listen to this short video to hear The Pitch’s thoughts on ShearShare Co-Founder Courtney Caldwell and their pitch of 2018

0:00 Courtney Caldwell from shisha I was so

0:04 struck by this woman I think that it’s

0:06 because personally I connected to her

0:09 she just she told her story she had

0:13 incredible confidence and a grasp of the

0:16 numbers a grasp of the product in the

0:19 vision whatever he whatever came at her

0:23 she responded with composure and I

0:26 really liked that about her

0:29 and that product is something that was

0:33 very much who she is and the fact that

0:37 she has this relationship with her

0:39 husband for 20 years and they really

0:41 just spoke volume to me on how she cared

0:44 about family which I do believe it is

0:48 very much how I assess the person not

0:51 just the product and how does that

0:54 remind you of yourself I care about my

0:56 family you know I care that I want the

0:59 people around me and I want them to know

1:01 that I listen to them