ShearShare is now in Austin!

Hosting is just in Austin’s blood. Did you know that Austin, Texas, hosts more than 25.6 million visitors every year? EVERY YEAR. Yep.

More than 150 people move to Austin, everyday. Besides Austin offering a high quality of life for residents and visitors, the capital of Texas is also a booming town for licensed cosmetologists and barbers! To start, there are 9 barber colleges in Austin and more than 20 beauty schools. Once you graduate, you have more than 120 barbershops, 1300+ salons, and 200 combination salons and barbershops from which to choose.

But don’t worry about choosing.

We’ve done the hard work of sourcing the best salons and barbershops to be ShearShare hosts! Our launch partners were hand-selected and personally vetted by our cofounders to offer hairstylists, barbers, nail technicians, estheticians, makeup artists, and massage therapists a trendy, professional space to work BY THE DAY.  More importantly, these hosts are just as passionate about making sure we all win, allowing you to rent space to work only when and where you need it! For these particular individuals, it’s definitely about #CommunityOverCompetiton.

Check out the awesome Austin hosts we lined up just for you, and then read up on why Austin is such a unique place. Here are some fun facts:

Austin, Texas, is

  1. The fastest growing city in the United States
  2. #1 city for job and job growth
  3. Food truck heaven!
  4. Home to SXSW
  5. Live music capital of the world
  6. The greenest city in Texas
  7. Has a low cost of living
  8. #2 best city for raising a family and for Millennials
  9. ranked among Forbes’ top retirement cities

Open up your ShearShare app to see all the vibrant options–all at different price points–we have sourced for you. Time to grow your business in Austin on your terms. We’re just happy to help!