Culture Factor 2.0 Podcast with ShearShare

ShearShare is the Revolution in the Beauty Industry as an On Demand Salon

Courtney and Dr. Tye recently joined Holly Shannon on her podcast Culture Factor 2.0 to discuss how ShearShare is revolutionizing the way independent beauty and barbering professionals work with and in salons and barbershops.

Who is Culture Factor 2.0

Culture Factor 2.0 focuses on company culture, startup culture and how tech is revolutionizing the way we operate as consumers, entrepreneurs and business owners. As pioneers in the beauty tech industry, Courtney and Tye shared their experience taking an idea from imagination to activation. They discuss what its like living with your partner, and how the word partner has so many different meanings when you’re married and co-found a business together.

They also focused on just how important ShearShare is to the cosmetology, aesthetics and self-care industries. While most never saw the industry changing from what it’s always been, ShearShare is expanding the boundaries of the term “work from anywhere” to fit an industry that is routed in brick and mortar businesses. With ShearShare, beauty and hair artists can bring the chair to the customers and work with salon and barbershop owners across the US who are struggling to fill vacant chairs, only made worse by the COVID pandemic. 

To learn more about Courtney and Dr. Tye and to hear what ShearShare is doing to help progress the beauty and hair industry listen to the Culture Factor 2.0 podcast: 

ShearShare is the first Texas startup to win Google Demo Day, L’Oreal’s Women in Digital NEXT Generation Award, and Tech. Co’s Startup of the Year. The Caldwells’ work has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fast Company, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Modern Salon, and Salon Today. They are alums of YC Fellowship and 500 Startups, two world-renowned programs for creating top-end entrepreneurs. Dr. Tye is a 26-year industry veteran, master barber-stylist, and salon and barbershop owner Courtney Caldwell was named an Inc. magazine 2019 Female Founders 100 and the 2017 L’Oreal Women in Digital NEXT Generation Award winner, Together they empower industry professionals and help keep our small businesses open.