ShearShare Named “Startup to Watch” by Techweek100

Techweek recently named ShearShare to the top 100 tech companies in Dallas!

Techweek is a media company that sees a causal reversal at work in the rise of technology cities. Rather than being just a feature of success, the emergence of substantial and sustainable businesses – which it terms “Hero Companies” – is an input into the creation and development of robust tech ecosystems. Hero Companies are high-growth businesses that achieve a substantial and sustainable impact and incubate talent, ideas, and most importantly, spinoffs. This theory posits that the spinoff process is the most effective method to spur dynamic hubs of growth, innovation, and wealth generation.

Amanda Signorelli, CEO, Techweek, says:

“ShearShare was nominated by Techweek’s Executive Advisory Board and selected based upon the team’s incredible dedication to their core mission and passion for their product. ShearShare recently received such acknowledgements as one of three finalists of the Women in Digital NEXT Generation Awards by L’Oreal making it a promising startup to watch in the years to come!”

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