ShearShare put out Beauty Fire: Interview w/ Former ShearShare Stylist Weena


Sheena: How did you hear about ShearShare?

Weena: I don’t remember exactly. Ray Torregano had posted about ShearShare 2 years ago. I was in Montreal at the time and knew I was planning to move to NY, so I knew it would be good to use once I moved out there.

Sheena: When did you start working in the beauty industry?

Weena: I started working in beauty in 2007

Sheena: What made you trust ShearShare to help find space to work?

Weena: The amount of salons on ShearShare. I thought if salon owners trusted ShearShare, then I should be able to trust the app, too. I also liked the simple design and ease of the app.

Sheena: What do you love about the app?

Weena: What I love about ShearShare is how easy it is find a space, even the day before. And I liked the texting feature so that I can communicate with the host.

Sheena: What would you change or enhance about the ShearShare app?

Weena: I just talked with the COO Courtney Caldwell at Premier Philadelphia about saving payment information and she actually told me that they had updated the app to allow for that. That was the one thing I hoped for!

Sheena: How much time do you think you’ve saved using ShearShare?

Weena: A LOT! Without it, I would have had to contact salons individually or search through craigslist . . . which is not always trustworthy.

Sheena: What do you look for when selecting a ShearShare host?

Weena: If it was a new place, it was location. I was looking for how close it was to my clients and me as well as the daily rate. If reviews were available, I would read those. The pictures and amenities lists were also very helpful.

Sheena: Do you use ShearShare locally? While traveling?

Weena: New York is big. I used the ShearShare app locally, within my city.

Sheena: I know you found a permanent space, which is awesome! How long did you use ShearShare?

Weena: I used ShearShare weekly from for more than 4 months.

Sheena: Is this platform beneficial for your clientele as well?

Weena: Yes, definitely, especially in the beginning. I gave my clients options for different parts of the city that catered to them.

Sheena: Have you told other beauty professionals about ShearShare?

Weena: Yes! I worked in a commission-based salon before, and when I got ready to leave I told others who were thinking about leaving. There was also a salon owner whose salon caught on fire in NYC and she was looking for a salon she could bring her staff in at the last minute. So I told her to use ShearShare, and you guys found a place quickly for them. I also post ShearShare links in hairstylists groups for stylists looking for alternatives. It’s such a great idea!