ShearShare’s Response to #HurricaneHarvey Survivors

For our Houston family:

#Hair is not important to us today, but in the coming weeks we know a lot of our fellow #hairstylists ??and #barbers ?✂️who lived through #HurricaneHarvey will have no place to work.

The #ShearShare team is proud to partner ?with 24-hour #salon ?@hair_tyme to provide licensed #cosmetologists and barbers a place to work as they rebuild. ?? Best part? NO TOOLS NOR PRODUCTS NEEDED. ????‍♀️@hair_tyme has been so very gracious to provide towel service, shampoo/conditioner, capes, flat irons, blowdryers, barber clippers, AND a discounted rate of only $35/day for the entire month of September. ??All you have to do is reserve your station on the ShearShare app and then show up with your clients! They’ll make sure you have what you need! Can accommodate 12 barbers and/or stylists. @hair_tyme is located in #Sugarland, Texas, just 20 miles southwest of downtown #Houston. Also check their page for shelter announcements, local donation requests, and #lostandfound people updates.

#HoustonStrong #TexasStrong #CommunityOverCompetition