ShearShare Superhost Spotlight: Zoie Cheneau

ShearShare Superhost Spotlight: Zoie Cheneau

We’re still so excited about our new Superhost program! A program that celebrates and rewards the best of the best when it comes to owners and operators on our app. Superhosts go above and beyond to provide workable space for our licensed professionals. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our Superhosts, Zoie Cheneau, owner of Beautiful Dollhouse Salon in Atlanta, Ga. She was born and raised in New Orleans, La, and prides herself on making her clients look and feel their best every day. We asked questions about her business, her experience as a ShearShare Host, and what being a Superhost means to her. Get into our interview with this Superhost below and check out her work!

How did you hear about ShearShare?

A local artist asked if I was on the ShearShare app and I hadn’t heard of it. So I downloaded the app to learn more and joined right away!

Why did you want to become a ShearShare Host?

Because I understand what it is like to be in a new city and to have to build up a clientele from scratch. So many people were affected by COVID. Because a lot of salons had to close down, there was a lack of options for clients. So I wanted to step in and offer my services!

How did you generate your first ShearShare booking?

I signed up on the ShearShare app, uploaded my client photos, and gave information about myself and what my salon has to offer — which is a chair to rent. It was as simple as that!

What do visiting stylists love about your space?

What I hear from most of the stylists that book my salon on the ShearShare app is that they love the atmosphere and my setup. They always say it’s beautiful in my salon and they love the energy of the other stylists. We are always very friendly and very professional.

What advice would you give to someone else thinking of becoming a Host on ShearShare?

I would tell another host to do it, they won’t regret it! You get to work and meet an array of people from other cities with different backgrounds. Whether you’re a new stylist or have been in the game for a while, you get to be a part of their journey. 

How do you create a community among visiting stylists?

We are all family in this beauty Industry. I try to bring everybody together as one. We all have specialties and different things we can learn from each other. I believe that’s what makes us a strong union. 

What does being a Superhost represent to you?

I am honored to be a Superhost. Especially on a platform like ShearShare! The app allows me to welcome new stylists, seasoned stylists, and everyone in between. I get a chance to embrace people from all walks of life and make them feel right at home. It’s truly a blessing to be a part of their journey. I’m grateful to ShearShare for this opportunity.