Sillycon Valley: Quiz key to the real and fake startup pitches


Before you go any further, have you taken the quiz about startup pitches to determine which are real and which are fake? If you haven’t, click here to take the quiz and then come back.

If you have taken the quiz and educated yourself about “Sillycon Valley”— or if you just want to spoil the surprise — check out the very real companies below.

Click on the links to be taken to the websites for each of the companies:

— Fingernail decorating robot ( Preemdonna)

— A candle you can light and extinguish with a mobile app ( LuDela)

— Get paid to submit videos that catch texting drivers. ( Text to Ticket)

— Fitbit for cows ( Cowlar)

— Tinder for older folks (over 50) ( Stitch)

— Uber for old folks who don’t own a smartphone ( GoGoGrandparent)

— Improve your finger drumming with an app ( Melodics)

— Airbnb for beauty professionals (rent a chair anywhere) ( ShearShare)

— OpenTable for barbershops ( Squire)

— Google shuttles for everyone ( MagicBus)

— Skin care and butt lift mask for gay men ( Unicorn)

— Recruiting service that pays for referrals mined from employee social networks ( Boon)

— Augmented reality that projects ads on taxi windows as cab passes sponsors ( GiirBox)

— Online service emails a curated sermon every day ( ROHO)

— Convert smartphones into laptops with this $99 keyboard and screen ( Sentio)

— Ever see something a celebrity is wearing online or in the press and wonder where you could get it? ( LookLive)