Startup of the Year Podcast #0031 – Navigating 2020 with the Founders of ShearShare, Courtney Caldwell and Dr. Tye Caldwell

On this episode of the Startup of the Year Podcast, we hear from Courtney Caldwell and Dr. Tye Caldwell, the co-founders of ShearShare, which is the first on-demand salon and barbershop space rental app, which is also of the Startup of the Year Alumni company and Established Ventures portfolio company.

During the episode, we hear some interesting insights from two Black startup entrepreneurs as they navigate the COVID-19 landscape and provide their thoughts about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Courtney Caldwell was named a 2019 Inc Female Founder 100 and she was the 33rd Black Female to Raise $1m. Tye Caldwell is recognized as a tech visionary and industry pioneer, whose mission is to help beauty and barbering professionals around the world maximize their earnings potential.

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