Taskrabbit + ShearShare

Taskrabbit + ShearShare: Uniting Shears and Screwdrivers for World Domination!

Taskrabbit and ShearShare have joined forces to help you get more things done!

Picture this: you’re juggling clients, styling masterpieces, and running your own show. It’s a lot to handle, we get it! That’s why Taskrabbit and ShearShare have teamed up to lend you a helping hand. Whether you’re a local stylist looking to rent space or an owner wanting to share your suites and stations with fellow professionals, ShearShare has got you covered.

And Taskrabbit also has your back by connecting you with talented local Taskers. Need someone to dash to the beauty supply store because you forgot a crucial product? No problem! Got a shiny new mirror yearning to be mounted? We’ve got you covered! Desperately need a personal assistant to schedule your clients? Consider it done!

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to extra time in your day. Let Taskrabbit and ShearShare be your dynamic duo, because running your business should be a joy, not a juggling act! With the new Taskrabbit x ShearShare partnership, you can get someone to handle:

  • Running errands – Let Taskers run to the beauty supply store, pick up your dry cleaning, or mail packages to the post office
  • Data entry – A dedicated data entry clerk is a dream come true for getting your business finances in order, especially during tax season! 
  • Salon suite cleaning services – Let local cleaners can handle all your cleaning needs
  • Personal assistant stuff – Organized and efficient Taskers can be your extra pair of hands, from organizing files to managing your inbox, and more!
  • Event decorating – Taskers can take care of all the details for that client appreciation event you’ve been putting off
  • Furniture assembly – Have a new retail display or styling station to put together? Taskers can assemble any of your furniture—quickly and efficiently
  • Interior painting – Taskers are happy to hop over and help with that special accent wall or selfie backdrop
  • Wall mounting – From TVs to shelves to artwork to lights, Taskers will make sure it’s properly mounted and hung

The best part is that all memberships get $20 off your first task. (That’s like getting 1 month of your membership for free!) Sign up for the membership, and we’ll email you the special code.

Here to make your life easier on all fronts!

Your super-friendly ShearShare family <3