The 2020 Nail Trends To Know Now — Including Color, Shape, & The Latest Launches

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The first thing I thought after hearing that Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue was, “I should put that on my nails.” Essie was way ahead of me. The nail care company’s Global Lead Educator, Rita Remark, didn’t miss a beat when telling me about her top predictions for 2020 nail trends: “Variations of blue and yellow,” she says. “A classic Pantone blue will be the new neutral — think of it like your denim jeans, it goes with everything — along with bright teal.” As for the up and coming shades of yellow to look out for? “Butter and saffron.” Noted.

Along with a return to classic colors, industry leaders say that 2020 will put the “care” in “nail care.” “We’re seeing more brands coming out with cleaner formulas,” Shanee Pink, the Creative Director of ORLY, tells The Zoe Report. “When we launched the Breathable Treatment + Color range, it was the only one of its kind. It’s great seeing other brands realizing that healthier, cleaner alternatives are possible.” In the year ahead, she says ORLY will continue to innovate in this area — particularly when it comes to the powder dip nail craze. “There’s a movement away from pure dip systems into hybrid systems utilizing gel products in combination with dip powder,” Pink says. “This stems from a consumer desire to protect the integrity of the natural nail.” OPI reveals it’s working on powder combinations as well — not only in the name of safety, but to create new nail art textures. “We have been experimenting a lot with mixing GelColor with Powder Perfection to create the sugaring technique that gives nails a raised, matted and textured effect,” Sigourney Nuñez, the Education Manager at OPI, tells TZR. Also on the horizon: a return to long nails, the death of “seasonal” shades, and futuristic French manicures.

Ahead, every 2020 nail trend you need to know now, as predicted by industry experts.

Muted Mint & Cantaloupe Shades


“One trend I am particularly excited about is neo-mint,” Nuñez says. “It’s a fresh, pastel tone with an optimistic vibe. While Living Coral had a moment in 2019, I am looking forward to seeing a milkier rendition of orange tones that reflect a more cantaloupe feel. OPI will definitely be introducing shades in these color families with our Spring 2020 collection.”

Trans-Seasonal Polish Collections


“With global fashion weeks blurring the lines between the trend seasons, it’s rare to find colors that are strictly for one time of the year anymore,” Remark says. “Black polish can be for summer, pale yellow can be for fall. This leaves a unique task to polish brands to concoct new and trans-seasonal colors that lend themselves to any season. Think: shades like dusty roses, rusty reds, or deep emerald.”

More French Manicures


“Across the board, we’re continuing to see updated takes on the classic French manicure,” Pink says. The trend dominated 2019, but the 2020 way to wear it will be by “utilizing modern shades and shimmer or glitter polishes,” she tells TZR.

Long Nails In Square & Almond Shapes


“We are seeing a resurgence in long, square nails thanks to Kylie Jenner and her manicurist Chaun Peth,” Nuñez says. “For a more natural nail look, the almond shape still reigns supreme in my book.”

New Ways To Dip


“There’s still a big interest in dip nails,” the OPI representative says. “What we’ve been focusing on is offering service innovations to show off new ways to use the system. One easy way we’ve been doing that is by introducing new nail art techniques with dipping powder that give an updated way to execute a French or an ombre. Since dip nails feature a combination of acrylic powder and resin, we’ve figured out how to incorporate other tools like stencils and dotters to make easy yet intricate artwork.”

Including Dip Protection


“We’re continuing to formulate and test a variety of products, including treatments that strengthen nails and formulas that are even healthier for nails,” Pink says, noting that ORLY is particularly focused on making dip powder nails safer. “Using ORLY Bodyguard as an alternative to industrial-grade glue in conjunction with dip powder allows for soak-off removal, minimizing damage from file-off removal.”

Easy Application & Quick-Dry Polish


Essie is launching an entirely new line of fast-dry polishes, expressie, in 40 brand new shades,” Remark reveals. “What I love about the line is that we’re not just streamlining the drying process, we’re speeding up the application. With an angled brush that gives you a better POV and bristles that hug the cuticle (not bleed onto it), DIY polishing has never been easier or faster. The quick application, quick dry combo gives you a flawless manicure in half the time.”