The Best of New York Fashion Week SS19

Just like that, another New York Fashion Week has come and gone. For one week each fall, editors, bloggers and fashion folk flock to the Big Apple, eager to catch first looks at the upcoming spring and summer trends. From animal print outerwear at Tom Ford to a collection inspired by a Bali beach vacation at Pamela Roland, it’s safe to say we’ll be gushing over this year’s looks for weeks to come.

Behind the scenes, teams of talented hairstylists, makeup artists and nail designers were working tirelessly to create beauty looks for the collections. Here, a roundup of what really caught our attention. Plus, we’re sharing the how-to’s so you can recreate them yourself.


photo by Chris DiLorenzo

Hair lead: Oribe Director of Training & Content Kien Hoang

Inspiration: In order to mimic the seven chakra colors, Hoang turned to the free-spirited vibe of summer camp and recreated a tie-dye effect in the hair using bright-colored wefts.

How-To: Hoang prepped the hair with Oribe Foundation Mist and Restyling Spray before adding soft braids and pinning each braid in a figure-8 pattern. He then removed the braids and gently flat-ironed the hair, lightly clamping down on each section. Lastly, he added previously prepared wefts to the head and finishing with Swept Up Volume Powder Spray.


photo courtesy of ECRU

Hair lead: ECRU Creative Director Lisa Lobosco

Inspiration: “We’re seeing multiple textures and patterns in the clothing, so we wanted to take that idea and incorporate it into the hair,” Lobosco says. “The hairstyle has two different finishes and textures; the front half of the head is tight to the scalp, while the hair below is natural with erratic texture.”

How-To:  To achieve the slicked-back hair, Lobosco relied on the new ECRU New York Setting Spray and Sunlight Finishing Spray Max. After spraying a generous amount, Lobosco molded the shape using a diffuser. The natural texture was achieved using the ECRU New York Dry Texture Spray.


photo courtesy of Aveda Corporation

Hair lead: Antoinette Beenders, global creative director

Makeup lead: Janell Geason, global artistic director for makeup

Inspiration: The nomadic soul and modern leisure was the inspiration behind the collection, which was filled with soft silhouettes in light natural fabrics like organic linen, cotton and hemp—a perfect match for an eco-conscious brand like Aveda. For hair, Beenders and Geason cited the “global traveler” as their muse.

How-to: Hair – Antoinette created an undone, piecey style using Aveda Texture Tonic, a product that was originally inspired by a Tomeshow that Beenders styled. First, she center-parted hair, wet it thoroughly with the Tonic, then twisted it into small sections, using an iron when needed. She massaged the hair to expand the texture. To keep hair away from the face, she took two small pieces below the temples, pulled them to the back of the head and fastened them with an elastic under the neck.

Makeup – Geason created a “no-makeup” makeup look, using concealer only where needed and defining brows with a sweep of brown powder and Aveda Mosscara. Lips were kept natural with Aveda Feed My Lips Pure Nourish-ment Lip Treatment.


photo by Chris DiLorenzo

Hair lead: Oribe Director of Training & Content Kien Hoang

Inspiration: Inspired by Disney Villains, Hoang appealed to both the model and the villain she was impersonating by creating classic ponytails with vibrant ends that corresponded to each villain’s signature color.

How-To: After prepping hair with Maximista Thickening Spray, Hoang slicked hair into a high pony and smoothed with Star Glow Styling Wax. He then flat-ironed the ponytail in small sections for a super sleek look before attaching colored hair extensions and cutting thick layers with a razor.


photo courtesy of Wella

Hair lead: Wella Professionals Global Creative Director of Cary & Styling Eugene Souleiman

Inspiration: On his inspiration for the look, Souleiman says “I believe that true craftsmanship should be invisible. I want the hair to honor the collection; it’s a new glamour, one that harks back to the ‘90s but is very current.”

How-To: Though each look was individual, Souleiman used ‘90s supermodels as his main focus, relying on products like Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Me for the more refined looks, and Wella Professionals EIMI Glam Mist for added shine. He also used the ghd Platinum+ Styler to achieve the subtle texture he was aiming for.


photo by Aaron Weiss

Hair lead: amika’s Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond

Inspiration: “We wanted to go for something sleek yet textured that complemented the drama of the clothing. The waves provided a sleek, ‘80s era sculpted hairline that seamlessly transitioned into modern linear texture,” LaFond says.

How-To: LaFond prepped the hair with The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray before creating linear bands in the hair with The Antidote Wrap Styler. After parting hair down the setting, she applied a firm-hold gel and used a fine-tooth comb to smooth hair down and create waves at the hairline. Next, she used a diffuser to dry the look, sprayed with Fluxus Touchable Hairspray and finished with Glass Action Universal Elixir on the gelled area.


photo courtesy of Redken

Hair lead: Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau

Inspiration: “Effortlessly luxe and classically Ralph,” Palau says on his inspiration.

How-To: Starting with clean, freshly washed hair, Palau applied a quarter-sized amount of Redken Santinwear 04 to add polish to the blowout and protect the girls’ hair. He then blow-dried the hair in 1” sections. Once hair was fully dry and cooled, he ran his fingers through it to give it a sense of ease.


photos courtesy of Redken

Hair lead: Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau

Inspiration: “The Tory girl is confident. She’s a little uptown and a little downtown,” Palau says.

How-To: Starting with clean, dry hair, Palau used a wide-tooth to comb back the hair around the crown and towards the back of the head. Moving in 1” sections, he applied quarter-sized amounts of Redken Full Frame 07 All-Over Volumizing Mousse to the crown and head shape with the wide-tooth comb, leaving baby hairs out. He then set the hair with clips tightly around the ears to hold the look and allow it to dry. Once dry, he ran a blow-dryer over the style and removed the clips. Using his fingers, he fluffed up the baby hairs around the hairline for a softer look.


Hair lead: Great Lengths Senior Design Team Director Nanci Lee Rudolph and Executive Artistic Director Danielle Keasling

Inspiration: Using Great Lengths tape-in extensions and Olivia Garden Tools, Rudolph and Keasling worked to elude a soft, natural, lived-in look to highlight Zoe’s collection.

How-To: Rudolph and Keasling sectioned hair below the occipital bone and used an Olivia Garden Fingerbrush to section hair 1” from the hairline and ¼-½” away from the scalp and applied Great Lengths Single-tab Tape-in Extensions in a brick lay pattern. After blending the extensions in with the models’ natural hair, Rudolph and Keasling created loose, 3-strand braids in organic sections all around the head. Using a flat iron, they applied light pressure with a tapping motion from top to bottom of the braid. After letting the braids cool, they separated them with their fingers. To top off the look, the duo added airy, detailed braids on one side of the head.


photos courtesy of CHI

Hair lead: Tammy Mixon, CHI global artist

Inspiration: “The inspiration behind the hair for Sherri Hill’s show this year was natural and airy looks whether the hair was long or bob length,” says Mixon. “There was no definition, only hair that moved freely and was naturally beautiful.”

How-to: First, models were prepped with CHI Silk Infusion, and sections were misted with CHI 44 Iron Guard. Then strands were styled with the CHI LAVA Pro Spin N Curl or the CHI LAVA 1” Hairstyling Iron. Next, hair was misted with CHI Enviro 54 Hold Spray, brushed out, and blown dry with a dry brush to give a free-flowing look.


Hair lead: Moroccanoil Artistic Director Kevin Hughes

Inspiration: “This hip, modern, young girl went on vacation to an exotic isle, and now she’s back in the concrete jungle but she still has her vacation glow,” Hughes says. It complemented the clothing designs perfectly, and contributed to the designer’s story of a confident and strong woman.

How-to: For the faux wet look, Hughes used Moroccanoil’s Curl-Control Mouse to add direction and hold to the top of the hair. “I used my fingers and a wide-tooth comb to create striations through the hair. It enabled me to give a little bit of lift at the top.”


Hair lead: Danilo

Inspiration: “It’s all about a simple silhouette,” Danilo says. “It’s a very simple look and moderately inspired by Elizabeth Taylor but with a modern shift.”

How-to: Danilo planned out the hair weeks in advance which helped make the backstage area run smoothly. Models’ hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail to add lift, and a dark hairpiece was attached on top. The hairpiece was not matched to the models’ natural hair, which Danilo explained was purposely done to help modenize the look and keep it from being too formal. Then the baby hairs were smoothed out and slicked down with a mascara wand. Once complete, a woven headband was added to cover the seam between the models own hair and the headpiece.


photo courtesy of Morgan Taylor Lacquer 

Nail lead: Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel

Inspiration: The sister designers behind Rodarte also designed metallic bejeweled jewelry for many of the runway looks. Inspiration for the nails comes directly from the important accent pieces.

How-to: The nails were metallic shades and topped with tiny jewels. Models were given one of three colors including a silver shade called, “Could Have Been Foiled,” a gold, “Give Me Gold,” and a custom copper. “We blended a mix of our rose gold, “No Way Rose” and then we added in some of the bronze which is “Bronzed and Beautiful” added a little bit of red and then some gold shimmer from an eye shadow to get this perfect warm look that they were going for,” says Daniel. Three to four tiny stones were placed randomly on each nail to add extra shine and connection to the jewelry.


photo courtesy of Aveda

Hair lead: Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri

Inspiration: “This is not about going a bar and choosing something from a menu. Having girls look exactly the same is completely counter to the message of the brand,” says Tibi Designer, Amy Smilovic.

How-to: “It’s very DIY hair, so imperfect straight hair with barrettes randomly distributed along the length of the hair. Aveda’s Texture Tonic is my favorite. It’s really good. And I like Hair Potion to give it a little grip to the hair,“ Rizzieri says.


photo by Chris DiLorenzo

Hair lead: Oribe Director of Training & Content Kien Hoang

Inspiration: “The girls are coming in and out of night clubs” says Kien Hoang. “A little bit of how Brooke Shields of the ’80s wore her hair. It bounced and was a little bit more care free.”

How-to: Hoang said the “looks were curly with a roughed up texture.” To achieve the look, he used heating wands in a horizontal direction and created figure-8s in an unstructured way. Afterwards, he flipped the hair over and to the side to add volume. Hoang and team used Oribe’s Mystify, a heat resistant styling spray to help develop the looks.

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