The Big List of COVID-19 Financial Assistance Programs for Small Businesses By State

The Big List of COVID-19 Financial Assistance Programs for Small Businesses By State


Our gift to the ShearShare community: a regularly-updated list of financial assistance programs for small businesses hurt by the outbreak of COVID-19 sorted by state and county. Yaaassss!

We understand that many businesses are seeking Coronavirus Financial Support & Loan Relief Help.

We’re hearing loud and clear that small businesses are facing an unprecedented crisis. Many have reached out directly to say they don’t know if they’ll recover from the extraordinary impact of the COVID-19 virus.

We’re working to bring you the latest information and resources to help weather this pandemic. That’s included tracking the availability of Small Business Administration (SBA) coronavirus relief loans state by state. Financial Assistance and Loans are the best way for a business to get quick relief as mandated pandemic restrictions such as shelter in place, social distancing and closures affect day to day operations of many workplaces and places of business.

In addition to the SBA’s Emergency Disaster Loan program, the SBA is administering a second loan program called the Paycheck Protection Program, which will provide $349 billion to small businesses. You can read more about the Paycheck Protection Program on Workest.

Local and National Small Business Monetary Relief Options

We know that individual communities at the state level, county level and city level are stepping up as well. Many government and private institutions are offering financial assistance programs locally.

The problem is many businesses scrambling to keep solvent are  struggling to find the information.

Where to Find Financial Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’ve put together the following list of loan programs that are designed to provide financial assistance to local small businesses facing pressure during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can filter by state, county or city to quickly find those most relevant to you. You can also perform a search by keyword.

Please note this is a list based on financial assistance programs we’ve been able to identify to date. More are being rolled out weekly, if not daily. We’ll continue to update this list as we find more. If you’re a registered user of Workest, you can bookmark this article and check back to see more programs as they arrive.

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Editor’s Note: Neither Workest or Zenefits is affiliated with, nor endorsing, the financial assistance programs listed in this article. This article is for informational purposes only. We cannot advise on how to apply for any of the programs listed. Readers should consult the programs directly with questions or concerns.