The Curl Doctor Is In: What @shaiamiel Prescribes for the Best Curls



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Shai Amiel @shaiamiel, owner of Capella Salon in Studio City, CA, has been dubbed The Curl Doctor by his clients and fans for his precise, almost surgical approach to curls. An advocate for embracing natural texture and not fighting it with chemicals or daily “blow frying,” Amiel has a clientele that includes celebrities, athletes and many international guests who come from all points of the globe to get his time and attention. We asked Amiel to write his prescription for the healthiest, happiest curls.


 MODERN SALON: How would you describe your technique?

 SHAI AMIEL: My cutting method is the old fashioned curl-by-curl. It’s when you cut each curl individually by separating them from each other. I go through the entire head and cut every single ringlet.  

 MS: When a client comes to you after years of fighting their curls, how do you help them embrace them?

 SA: I teach them to love the hair that grows out of their heads. The only way to truly enjoy natural texture is by keeping it healthy. I show them the potential of healthy hair and how much easier it is to style.

MS: What shears do you use?  

 SA: I use the BMAC Sword Shears

 MS: What kind of pre-cut advice do you give to clients before they come to see you?

SA: They have to do a very thorough cleanse at home to make sure they remove as much of their existing buildup. We ask them to avoid using oils or greasy products. I prefer to hydrate and not lubricate the hair. They should also detangle their hair so I can actually separate each ringlet for that detailed snip. They’re required to arrive with their hair styled curly and dry.  

 MS: What would you consider a curl-friendly product?

SA: I work with Innersense, Saphira Divine and DevaCurl.  

MS: How should curly women and men protect their curls?

SA: The best protective style is wearing it natural. Allowing your curls to dry as they want to naturally is the best protection. Forcing curls to dry stretched out could lead to weaker coil and results are not favorable like breakage, looser curl pattern, etc.  

 MS: How often do you recommend a trim?

 SA: Every three months average.