The Data-driven cmo awards



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The 2019 Data-Driven CMO Awards 

Welcome to the inaugural Data-Driven CMO Awards!

2018 was an INCREDIBLE year in marketing.

There were a number of CMOs and marketing leaders who really took the bull by the horns– taking control of their marketing data and making informed decisions.

This past year, countless new marketing platforms, tools and channels entered the space both online and offline.

As the marketing landscape continues to become more robust, our data challenge as marketers becomes more and more complex.

And you know what? Us marketers deserve some recognition for figuring this sh*t out.

It’s not easy.

  • We have website data in Google Analytics.
  • We have paid campaign data in Facebook, Google Ads, Linkedin, Outbrain, Pinterest etc.,
  • We have event based data in Segment or Heap or Mixpanel.
  • We have customer data in Salesforce or Pipedrive or something similar.
  • We have email engagement data in Mailchimp or Active Campaign or Sendgrid or Autopilot.
  • Sometimes we have no data at all. Like when customers arrive from offline channels like Outdoor ads or Podcasts.
  • And every day, week, month and year we need to pull all this data together either manually into an excel marketing dashboard or automatically with an ETL tool like Improvado.
  • Then we visualize that data in spreadsheets or Tableau or Looker or Google Data Studio.

It’s about damn time someone thought to give these CMOs an award.

They DESERVE one.

So the team here at Growth Marketing Pro reached out to some of the smartest data people we know. And we compiled an Awards Committee to help us speak with as many CMOs as we possibly could as the nominations started pouring in– looking for the ones with the most unique and comprehensive data approach. Here’s the list of people who got involved on the Awards Committee…