The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself



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Note to self. Begin a blog to help others with financial wellbeing and holistic retirement.

My name is John Lydick, and my mission is to mentor, encourage and inspire beauty professionals to be a healthy and prosperous future self!

The first two steps to making a difference in your future life?

Step One: It isn’t about money. It is about taking care of the physical you. This will automatically help the mental you that will empower the financially fit and healthier future you.

For those of you who give all to your clients and have nothing left for yourself, you will eventually have nothing left, period. You must strive for balance between how well you treat your clients and how well you treat yourself. I have been to that place and it isn’t pretty. You must fend off willful ignorance.

Reality check. Do you schedule a lunch break for yourself daily? What about breakfast? And, I don’t mean just a cup of coffee. Do you incorporate walking, yoga, or any type of exercise at least three times a week?

Years ago, this was the beauty industry. FYI, today, it is the health and beauty industry. You will be amazed at how many people show up to exercise in the early hours of the morning. Clients will soon notice and respect you for taking time to care for yourself. You could even be the one to motivate others to take care of their health.

The point is how many stylists do you know that have a retirement, let alone a healthy one? Too many are like the emperor penguins in that National Geographic episode, where the older penguins disappear into the storm right before your eyes never to be seen again. You get the picture.

Step two. Surprise, it is about money. More specifically your understanding of how to use it to secure your future. Below is a simple idea to get you started.

There is nothing worse than sitting in a stylist’s chair and hearing them complain about money problems. (Unless of course it is health problems and money problems together). Take the lead and get a savings plan for your future. Help others whose paths you come across. As an example, I no longer order soft drinks with my meals, I save at least $2.50 by having water instead. That’s $17.50 per week or $910 per year. Invested, in ten years that is $9,100. It’s like being paid to drink water for crying out loud and look how much healthier and wealthier you are!

If you have an advisor bravo, there is nothing better than getting professional advice when it matters most. Lean on them to guide you.

“The smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.” Naeem Callaway

I write this as a salon industry artist and professional of which I am proud to be counted. Please let me know what financial topics you would like to know more about. Please also let Salon Today know if you found this helpful.