The Key to a Healthier and Faster Blowout


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Few salon services can brighten a client’s day quite like the blowout. The simple act can leave client’s feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. As the blowout continues to be highly requested in salons, it’s important that stylists arm themselves with the right tools to get the job done.

With the new GrapheneMx Dryer and brushes from Bio Ionic, stylists are able to achieve sleek and shiny blowouts without sacrificing the health of the hair. The tools take the fear of heat away, thanks to proprietary, naturally developed mineral complexes that leave hair healthy and conditioned.

Arizona artist Marissa Larson has found the new collection, which also includes an flat iron and curling iron, to be a staple at her station.

The dryer is designed to condition hair while drying for fast, frizz-free styling. Larson says it’s particularly helpful with clients who have thick or textured hair.

“Curly hair can be stubborn whenever I’m trying to smooth it during a blowout,” Larson says. “But we had no problems when using the GrapheneMX dryer and brushes. They got the job done in half the amount of time, and my client’s hair was left feeling healthy.”

When using the styling brushes and paddle brush, stylists are able to distribute heat more evenly for faster styling.

Watch Larson use the GrapheneMx Dryer and brushes to achieve the perfect blowout:

“When creating this look I wanted my client’s hair to be healthy and show extra shine while still keeping a ‘lived-in’ vibe,” Larson says. “To achieve this I used a blowout cream and my GrapheneMX dryer and brushes to ensure I was keeping the hair smooth and protecting her freshly lightened hair.”

She then used a 1 1/4” size barrel to add waves, and alternated each curl while keeping the ends out. She added a texture cream and finished with a hairspray.

“My client and I were super happy with the end result,” Larson says. “Her blonde hair was left feeling smooth and healthy, thanks to my GrapheneMX dryer and round brushes. We also both loved the shine with the texture and body!”