The Fantabulous Tiffany Pollard + Fenty Beauty Have A Holiday Gift For You

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Written by: Elle McKenzie

Forget Kris Kringle, Rihanna is the true Santa of this world. Last night, Fenty Beauty’s incredible marketing team gifted us all a 10-minute holiday gift guide featuring Tiffany Pollard, aka New York, the original HBIC, aka the Queen of memes.

In the video, Pollard goes full-on HSN shopping channel on us about the wonders of Rihanna’s highly coveted beauty products. “Fellas, I’m gonna hook y’all up, tell you what to get y’all women,” she hilariously states. “Women, imma tell y’all what to get yourself.”

True to the classic New York persona, one we’ve all grown to love, Pollard tells it like it is without all the sugarcoating. “Ladies, fellas, we don’t usually like to cause a fuss, but if we do that means you have to pay for my lunch and get me a new Birkin bag… buy me some expensive shit, or else imma cause a fuss. This is like crack in a vile,” she says, sporting the Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y.

Fenty Beauty is “fit for a queen, a princess, and a HBIC.” We hear you, New York! Now see, this is how you be a spokeswoman for a thriving brand. Well done, Fenty Beauty. If all beauty influencers were like this — between Rihanna’s vlogger tutorials and memorable, promotion material from Tiffany Pollard — we’d be in a much better place as a culture.

Watch the full 10-minute holiday gift guide, below.