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Everything You Need to Know About Beginning Your Career as a Makeup Artist

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Makeup is about more than just dabbing on the right shade of lipstick, and as a makeup enthusiast who’s looking to turn professional makeup artist, you’re happy to tell anyone who will listen about the fundamentals, complexities, and wonders of the makeup artistry world.

You’re creative, you’re tough, and you’re savvy when it comes to trends, but more than anything, you’re ready to begin your makeup artistry career.

What Do I Do Next?

 It’s probably not news to you that you’ll need to take and pass certain state boards in order to receive your makeup artist license, but preparing for these is no easy task, and more often than not, you’ll need to enroll in an accredited, acceptable program to help you along the way.

But with thousands of programs out there, where do you start?

Fret not, makeup fiends, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the top five makeup artistry programs in the country to help you begin your search, narrow your options, and pick the programs that best fits you and your needs!

The Top 5 Makeup Programs

E.I. School of Professional Makeup

Located in one of the makeup meccas, Hollywood, California, the E.I. School of makeup is a hugely popular, world-renown, and prestigious establishment that typically churns out the best in the business.

Often called the “world’s premier school of makeup,” E.I. provides its students the chance to learn makeup in a hands-on, real-world environment, gives busy students the chance to take weekend courses, and even offers field trips and guest speakers in its curriculum. Not only does the school bring in practice workshops in order to allow their students to work through different techniques and methods, they offer a variety of courses that are simply unavailable in lesser programs, such as Prosthetics, Beauty and Corrective Makeup, High Fashion and Photography Makeup, Film Makeup and Special Effect, and Theatrical and Live Performance Makeup.

What’s more exciting?

This was the first school of professional makeup artistry that ever existed, and it remains one of the most, if not the most, notable makeup institute in the world.

The Make-up Designory

Lovingly referred to as MUD, this famous program offers prospective artists all of the experience they need in order to work in the epicenters of film, television, and fashion makeup artistry. This program has two locations, one in LA and one in New York, but encourages budding artists from all over the world to apply.

MUD is different than other programs because they allow artists to specialize and select fields they’re most interested in, an option that’s often not available at less renown schools. Programs vary from fashion make up, to TV makeup, to master make up artistry, and more. No matter how diverse the actual program, though, one thing stays unchanged – students will be gifted with the hands-on experience, real-world application, and in-class attention they need in order to succeed.

MUD is a pricey program, but it accepts federal loans, private loans, and grants from their students. This school, like the others on this list, is accredited by Accreditation Commission for Career Schools and Colleges.

Cosmix School of Makeup Artisty

Whether you’re looking to perfect your skills in beauty, fashion, film, television, entertainment, or more, the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry can guarantee a premium education, a ticket to working in the industry you’ve always dreamed of, and the experience to thrive in whatever path you choose to take your artistry.

Forget a normal classroom experience (although, you’ll certainly experience that a few times at this institute), you’ll be thrust into real-world experiences that challenge your creativity, teach you the techniques you need to succeed, and even gift you with real, on-set experience to make sure you have what it takes to thrive in the industry you’re seeking.

This school is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and encourages students from other countries to apply (as they’re able to issue student visas for admission). Students are encouraged to wow with their individual styles, dabble in special effects makeup, and learn the ins and outs of multiple makeup industry paths.

Cinema Makeup School

For something a little more cinematic, and a little less glam-only, prospective makeup artists should look into Cinema Makeup School.

A California school, this establishment is one of the most well-respected makeup artistry programs in the film industry. Past graduates and faculty at this establishment boast Oscar and Emmy makeup artistry winners, as well as other world-renowned artists of all types on the staff list.

Not only will students learn how to pass their board exams, they’ll receive comprehensive training for working the film, fashion, television, entertainment, and cosmetic industries. Their staff and curriculum are top notch, they have specific recognition for their special effects makeup programs. Professional makeup artists from all over the world have traveled from over six different continents to teach at, lecture at, and present at this institution.

Chic Studios School of Makeup

One of the leading schools in makeup artistry industry, Chic Studios has two locations (one in LA and one in New York) that provide students with the fashion-forward techniques, profession training, and course instruction they need in order to be the top-tier makeup artist they’ve always desired to be.

Their curriculum is nothing short of modern and state-of-the-art, and their small class sizes (typically ranging from 12-16) allow for direct attention on individual needs and learning paces. Graduates are more than prepared to pass their exams, they’re taught to thrive in the cutthroat world of makeup artistry.