These Lash Accessories Will Add Sparkle to Your Lash Business


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The perfect finishing touch to any beauty service is some sparkle, and Novalash’sCandiedLASHES hold truth to that statement.

 “If your client likes a little bling, this is the best lash accessory for them,” says Zach Falb, Novalash Global Master Artist. “Whatever their favorite color is, you as the lash artist can add it for a little extra fun.”

From holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation, prom and more, any celebration is a great upsell to lash services all year round, whether it part of a full lash application or a fill.

Hand-dipped with colorful sparkles in Novalash’s Houston headquarters, CandiedLASHES come in 10 “flavors” ranging from Pink Lemonade pink to Butterscotch gold and black Licorice. Per pot of lashes, 100 14mm extensions are included, which can be trimmed at the base if a shorter length is desired. On average, lash artists use three per eye, so six per service.

Falb stresses when putting on these extensions, apply to talogen lashes—the longest natural lashes—in the middle or outer corner.

“Don’t use candied lashes that are super long and stick out of the natural lash line,” Falb says. “These are meant to be a sophisticated, fun, extra pop of glitz and glamor. Don’t think of them as an antenna sticking out of the lash line; you want them to be subtle and noticeable when your client blinks or turn their head.”

For this add-on service, Falb recommends charging your client of $5-$10 per lash. Then, do the math: if you’re charging on the lower end of $5, you can make about $30 from six candied lashes as an upcharge. There’s no doubt that will make you shine!