This Chicago Native Used ShearShare as a Visiting Stylist and Then Became a Host!

The inventor of “Hair Hooks” is now an authorized ShearShare host! A licensed stylist for over a decade and now owner of Hair Plus Studios in Chicago, Aishia first joined the ShearShare family as a visiting stylist and then as an authorized host. Twenty-four hours after her listing went live in August 2018, Aishia received her first booking!

She sat down with ShearShare team member Sheena to talk about her experience to date as a host and where she sees the industry going.

Sheena: When did you start working in the beauty industry?

Aishia: I’ve been a professional stylist for about 10 years. Before cosmetology, I served in the military for quite a bit of time. But because hair is my passion, I always did hair as a hobby.

Sheena: How did you hear about ShearShare?

Aishia: Well, I have a lot of friends in the beauty industry. I keep close contact with people I come across–students of mine, co-workers, friends–for networking purposes, and a friend of mine who I’ve done bridal parties with suggested it to me.

Sheena: Once you heard about ShearShare, what made you want to become an authorized host?

Aishia: First of all, I like that you guys have the L’Oreal innovation award. My first experience with ShearShare was actually as a renter, and I thought that it served a need, like it was a solution to a problem during my transition. And when I became a salon owner and went on the other side of it I also felt that it was really convenient.

Sheena: How did you generate your first booking?

Aishia: As cosmetologists and artists in general, we live in a very competitive industry. So I researched area statistics and looked around at availability, and decided to go with a price point that’s on the lower end. The area is an upper-middle class environment that brings with it some good foot traffic. So those two things I feel helped me get my first booking.

Sheena: What do visiting stylists love about your space?

Aishia: The stylist who visited appreciated how I was able to accommodate her and made sure her clients were comfortable in the space. I think she appreciated how open I was with communication, that I was available at any time for questions, that I gave her a tour and introduced her to an emergency contact.

Sheena: What trends have you noticed in th.e industry over the last 10 years?

Aishia: One of the big trends is the need for people to obtain space quickly without strings attached and without the restraint of a long-term lease. Short-term leasing, temporary rents, smaller spaces are very popular now. Because in the industry, we have pop-up shops coming to certain area to accommodate a specific target market. For the very driven Millennials, ShearShare compels them to jump into the market and use ShearShare to see what the area is like, the foot traffic, if they like the salon and it gives you the flexibility to do so. You even have the ability to get walk-in traffic or create a new list of clientele. ShearShare is amazing and creates an opportunity for anyone in the industry.

Sheena: Why do you trust ShearShare to help support your business?

Aishia: I feel that ShearShare acts as a liaison for stylists who want to explore other markets or areas by introducing them to trusted hosts that have the space. For example, my experience when I hosted a lash technician . . . because she’s so popular on social media with clients–from Evanston to the South Shore–she chose my location in Lakeview that’s located in the middle. ShearShare allowed her to try out my space, see if her clients would be comfortable, and when her clientele changes, because she’s not tied down to one particular target market or area, she can continue to grow her clientele. It’s a great thing!

Thanks, Aishia! We’re thrilled that you’re part of the family. #CommunityOverCompetition