This New ShearShare Host Is Crushing It!

Salons by JC “Concierge of The Year” Jo-Lynn G. joined the ShearShare family as an authorized host in early February 2018.

She sat down with ShearShare team member Sheena to talk about how she sets herself apart, how she builds community among visiting stylists, and what she does to generate 3-4 bookings/week.

Sheena: How did you hear about ShearShare?

Jo-Lynn: I believe we did an online search. We were looking to try daily rentals and weren’t really sure where to get started and you guys popped up. So we decided to give it a shot!

Sheena: Why did you want to become an authorized host?

Jo-Lynn: Well, in Mount Juliet (Tennessee), the location we’re at is still a very up-and-coming area and so we have quite a few stylists in the area who are wanting to relocate their business from downtown Nashville or they’re just new to Tennessee in general and still building and so we felt like it would be a good idea to have a day rental to help them start growing their business in preparation for getting their own suite.

Sheena: How did you generate your first ShearShare booking?

Jo-Lynn: We do a lot of our advertising on Craigslist, and I think we’ve also done some on Facebook for the suite as well. We just put the word out there that we have a day rental suite for anyone. And we let everyone in our building know so they can spread the word, too, if they have any friends. I think our first day rental originally inquired about doing a 6-month rental and we don’t offer that. I told her about the day rental on ShearShare and she was like, “oh, that’s perfect!”

Sheena: You get 3-4 bookings per week. That’s great! What do visiting stylists love about your space, and what do you think keeps them coming back?

Jo-Lynn: I think one of the things they love about it is that everyone at the salon is friendly, and it’s a beautiful space. It’s also really easy for them to book. They can kind of come and go as they please after that first time I meet them. I think they keep coming back because they’re building their clientele, and ShearShare just makes it easy for them to rent a suite. For some of our out-of-town folks, it’s super convenient for them. For example, I have one girl who is from Chattanooga. She has a lot of clients that come to her from Nashville, and now that she’s able to come here once a month, that’s just convenient for her instead of having her clients drive down.

Sheena: How do you continue to create community among visiting stylists?

Jo-Lynn: One of the things I do is introduce the day renters to other stylists. When I have a new day renter come in, I walk around and let some of our full-time tenants know that we have a new day renter visiting, so make sure you stop by and say hi. And they are usually good about that. Or if I’m walking by someone, I”ll just introduce them then. The ones that come more regularly start to have conversations on their own, and so it kind of happens naturally after that.

Sheena: What trends have you noticed since you started working in beauty?

Jo-Lynn: One trend I’ve definitely noticed is that salon suites have exploded in the last 5 or 7 years–to the point now where even new stylists just out of school are trying to make that work for them.

Thanks for sharing with our community, Jo-Lynn! Proof again that it’s about #CommunityOverCompetition. 😀

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