This One Thing Will Help Your Salon or Barbershop Stay Relevant

Would you agree that at the most basic level, every salon and barbershop offer the same thing: mirrored stations or suites, lighting, backbar/shampoo area, a place for your tools, dryers, bathroom, reception area? That’s the list. And that may have been difficult to read–especially if you just invested in an expensive remodel and @takarabelmontus chairs, but this is how today’s stylists think . . .

and what they tell us at #ShearShare.

So how do you stand out amongst the crowd and get professionals to fill YOUR empty stations?

Listen to 30-year industry veteran and ShearShare CEO @drtyecaldwell talk about the one thing that changes the game for owners and is the reason why #cosmetologists and #barbers choose to work out of your four walls versus the #salon or #barbershop next door.