This State May Allow Unlicensed Hairdressers :(


Tennessee Lawmakers Want To Allow Unlicensed Stylists To Do Hair

A new Tennessee law would allow anyone to be a hairdresser—without a license—as long as customers give written consent. Find out more about this issue, and how to stop it, below.

Here’s The Situation

Two Tennessee lawmakers have introduced bills that would deregulate the cosmetology profession in that state. If passed, the law would allow any person to practice cosmetology without a license as long as each client waives all liability. The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is working to stop these bills and is asking for hairdressers’ help.

 “Licensing for the professional beauty industry should remain mandatory due to the use of highly concentrated professional chemicals and products, the use of instruments and the hands on nature of professional services provided to the hair, skin and body,” says PBA Government Affairs Director Myra Reddy. “Cosmetology and barbering fees provide $2,534,800 dollars of revenue a year in Tennessee, and the beauty industry employs 9,000 licensed individuals. Occupational licensing is not a barrier to work.” 

Here’s How To Help

To take action, Tennessee residents can click here to send an email to government officials.

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