Trailblazing Women: Free Webinar on How to Build & Run a Business with Heart & Hustle


Our friends over at Trailblazing Women and PepTalkHer are hosting an inspiring virtual live event. Read below for more details!

Trailblazing Women and PepTalkHer are partnering to bring you a dynamic panel of top-notch leaders running successful businesses that have heart AND hustle. 

How hard is it to lead a successful team and stay true to your values? And how can you ascertain what businesses you as a consumer should support? In this session you’ll learn how to balance the demands of building and running a business that is mission driven but still makes a profit.

Salesforce is partnering with PepTalkHer to discuss Heart & Hustle.

In this session, we’ll explore:

The emerging trend of values-driven businesses – what’s driving the shift and how changing demands from employees are contributing.
How to align your values to your business and the way you lead your teams.
How to build a career you love while empowering others and making a positive impact.
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