Webinar: Taxes 101 for Hairstylists and Barbers

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0:19hey jazz you



1:11alright guys we are getting ready to get started and we’re talking all things taxes today

1:19and I am so excited for all the guests

1:24that are coming on here and hopefully you will learn something that you’ve never knew and hopefully I can expound

1:31upon some things that can confirm some things that you were thinking so is one of those things where Texas for a lot of

1:38people are scary they think that sometimes it can be a little daunting

1:44and we don’t want you to be you know intimidated about a lot of things but

1:52it’s when it comes to taxes we definitely want to make sure that you’re

1:58well versed and well educated and and just be intelligent and smart about taxes because what a lot of the

2:04deregulation laws is really giving the government opportunity to think that we

2:09don’t making money guys we make tens of thousands of dollars and we do not report any of that money so we really

2:16need to think about the opportunities that we have in this industry to make a

2:21name for ourselves the opportunities we have to make a really really strong

2:26business for ourselves we know that this has been a cash business for years along with with the with the emergence of

2:33merchant systems with the emergence of you know different types of technology that allows us to to do transactions

2:40through our phones through our computers we now can can do things that have a list and and have a real itemized amount

2:47of dollars that we make and we just really need to be responsible about that and let the government know we are here

2:52we’re making money and we also make responsible purchases that give us

2:58credit worthiness as well so today we’re gonna do that my name is dr. Todd Carr

3:03will a CEO and co-founder share share if you’ve never been on one of my webinars

3:08I’ve wrote a best-selling book called Mitchell about failure giving people five steps on how to become successful

3:15in beauty and style industry my Brown is 25 years in the beauty industry two years to two decades of salon and

3:23barbershop ownership I’m on various boards of beauty and barber schools I have my doctorate in professional barber

3:30and cosmetology and the list goes as list goes on and on but you know I can I

3:35definitely can say that I have enough expertise in this business to talk about

3:41a lot of things that comes to the beauty and style industry and and as far as barber and cosmetology license be

3:47professional as a whole I want people to know that taxes are very important and we really need to think about that as we

3:54continue to approach this last day of taxes here unless you’re in Maine or

4:00Massachusetts which we have two more days the end of the tax day is today and you know I want to talk about this later

4:07on that we do have we can’t file an extension we’ll talk about that as we continue in the webinar but the

4:13extension will be till September 15th so keep certain things in mind take notes about the things that I’m going to share

4:19with you today take snapshots whatever you need to do because I think that you will be very excited to know that you

4:25don’t have to be intimidated when it comes to to your taxes you just need to be a little bit understanding be smart

4:32about how you’re gonna pay your taxes be smart about your business that you’re doing and be organized one of the things

4:38that I think that makes it so hard for licensed beauty professionals is that we’re not we’re not organized enough to

4:43really pay attention to what taxes we need to do and a lot of times when we talk we are we always talk about the art

4:51of what we do and we’re so we’re so engrossed in that we really need to think about the business of what we do

4:57so let’s just really get into this and talk about things that really make make sense to us and just to kind of give a

5:03brief history on taxes I know that they didn’t teach us this in school but you know according to the Library of

5:09Congress you know the tax is really when we first started paying taxes it was really to help the cost of the Civil War

5:15and and and these were the things that that helped the economy during those times when we really needed that the

5:22funding for that cost of the Civil War but today local state and federal governments collect tax revenue to

5:28stabilize the economy and as run government a lot of that is to help paid employee salaries do a lot of

5:34research and all the utilities that have to run different cities in government and your your neighboring city-states

5:42and and and towns and also help fund the buildings etc and another purpose is for

5:49taxation for the redistribution of wealth so that’s just a little quick brief history on taxes we’re gonna talk

5:55about things that really that really just really come close to our built and what we need to do to do the things that

6:02are gonna help us understand why we need to pay taxes and why it’s important going forward

6:09why does paying taxes make good business sense you know these are things that I want you to think about just think about

6:14it from the perspective I’ve been paying taxes for years now you know I’ve been able to buy a home I’ve been able to do

6:21about cars and and you know you’re gonna show paperwork for this if you don’t show the right right paperwork and the

6:27right organized paperwork and then you show a real legitimate amount of money that you’re making you’re not gonna be

6:33able to own anything so you have to think about your taxes as something that is gonna get you to the next stage you

6:39can’t invest in anything if you can’t show people that you’re making money having cash money is going to show

6:45somebody that you got a bag full of money isn’t good enough if it’s not on paper if people can’t see that you can

6:50pay them back based on money that you’re making based on money that you put in the bank it’s not good enough to show them or drive up with a Benz or be

6:58dressed up really nice I have diamonds on your hand or whatever you’re doing to show that you have wealth and that you

7:04can’t show it on paper so the reason that I think it makes the business sense is it keeps you financially organized

7:10along with budgeting you have visibility into your income versus your outgoing money so you are not overpaying each

7:16quarter and I said we’re gonna talk about quarterly taxes as well going forward but also and and these are

7:22things that I know for sure so these are these are things that make good business sense to me it supports your

7:28creditworthiness and it makes it easy for lenders and potential landlords to trust your money moves people have to

7:35see this when I first started my business they wanted to know was I gonna be able to pay my lease they wanted to

7:40know when I bought my house was I gonna be able to pay my loan I had to show them these things because I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 19

7:46so I had to learn these things and learn how to become a great businessman learn how to become a great entrepreneur and

7:53provide these things when I was very young so I think I’m well first and being able to teach these things and these are

7:58things I feel like a good and also it helps you plan for a solid financial future think about this guys you know you’re

8:06gonna want you know you’re gonna want to invest your money whether it be in the stock market whether it be in real

8:12estate whether it be in medical devices whatever you may want to invest your

8:17money and you want to be able to show a paperwork you want to be able to show plans so that you can know set yourself

8:24up for your key is whether it be life insurance medical insurance all these things that people want to know when it

8:29comes to giving them documentation on what it is that you make and how creditworthy are you to be able to take

8:37on responsibilities and also contributions it helps to the detective doing your taxes it helps to really

8:43bolster the economy and gives it a stronger look you know the u.s. is really one of the strongest economic I

8:52mean it’s the backbone of this world and a lot of people want to be here for the freedom and opportunities that are in

8:59the United States so you got to think about us having a strong economy and what makes us such a power a powerhouse

9:06of a world that we live in and we want to make sure that we’re doing the right

9:11things when it comes to paying our taxes and and all the things that make good business sense so how do you file your

9:20taxes I want to ask this question to the ones that are on here type in the comments field if you file quarterly

9:26type Q if you filed annually type of a in the comments field because I really

9:32want to know how you found I will talk about this at the end on why is

9:38important to do either way or or one way or the other because we want to be able to understand why you do the things you

9:44do and what can we do to help get better at it and what what it means to file

9:49quarterly or annually and if it helps or if it doesn’t help let’s just think about that so time Q if you if you file

9:56quarterly type if you found any way here’s a quick checklist guys a quick chest checklist

10:02for all the beauty and Barban professionals on tax filing and this checklist is something that I think that

10:08you should just take a quick snapshot of if your w2 1099 or complete a complete

10:15record of the annual income deductions for business and expenses or other costs think about these things

10:21documentation for any dependents social security cards and driver’s license you

10:26need a form 1040 a Schedule C or schedule s need if you if you’re self-employed and also if you’re a

10:33business owner and then you’ve got copies of your quarterly tax payment bouncers all these things I had to learn

10:40it was totally foreign to me I had to think about you know man

10:45do I really need all these things you need these things who find out which which category you’re in and and and and

10:52this is your checklist right here this is your checklist I’m I said again this is your checklist so think about it w2

10:591099 deductions for your business documentation for independence form 1040 of Schedule C Schedule se and copies of

11:06your quality tax payment vouchers think about this and this is really something that you don’t really need going through

11:12every year when you when you’re 20 when

11:19you’re 20 18 texts are due so think about these guys the fiscal year ends for everyone

11:24most people December the 31st so if if you’re just if you’re most people then

11:31your taxes are gonna be due by April 15th unless you’re a partnership or S 4 and then your text to do by March 15th

11:38so keep those things in mind most people if you’re an employee or if you’re if

11:44you’re a sole proprietorship LLC your taxes are due April 15th which you have

11:50also an extension if you file by April 15th to go to September 15th so think

11:55about that unless you’re an scorp or partnership your taxes will do last

12:01month March 15th so if you haven’t found your late so you need to get on top of that right now

12:09here we go again another question on a scale of one to ten how confident are

12:14you when it comes to filing your taxes I mean it gives some people really really

12:20the heebie-jeebies the nerves the hives they get caught up in a lot of their emotions when it comes to taxes what

12:27should they deduct what is your number type it in the comment in the comment section one being very very low in your

12:35confidence and ten being the most confident let me know what how you feel about filing your taxes it’s gonna be

12:42interesting to see this you got to know your category so let’s think about you

12:47know the category that we fall in when it comes to independent contractors and then when it falls into when it comes to

12:54employees if your independent contractor which is a booth printer you’re you’re

12:59in a 1099 form and you got to know that 1099 know that you’re a 1099 independent

13:06contractors and booth ventures if you work for a company whether you work for a corporate company great kids for Clips

13:11whatever company you work for and you’re working part-time or full-time of yourself you are going to get a w-2 form

13:18and and so let’s talk about this for a brief two minutes you know most of the time you know when your independent

13:24contractor people want to know you know how do I file what do I file you’re responsible for everything that your

13:30deductions and things that encompass your business when it comes to buying your tools your travel and all the

13:36things that you do that relate to your business when you’re a w-2 employee you know you’re still gonna be responsible

13:42for those things but they’re gonna come out of your check through things that you’re already paying if you’re paying taxes they’re gonna take them out for

13:49you if you’re paying insurance medical insurance they’re gonna take it out it’s not like they’re giving to you free guys

13:54people always want to get this get this kind of misconstrued if you’re in if your employee working anywhere can’t be

14:00working for Walmart or you’re working for a corporation you’re you’re working at these companies they’re just taking

14:05your payment out of your check you’re not getting these things as bonuses or anything so a lot of times all these

14:12independent contractor move runners barber stylist licensed professionals they think well you know I don’t have a

14:17real job so I can’t have these things you can have all of these things these corporations provide for their

14:24employees you just have to know how to to maintain a consistent amount of money

14:30that you take out and you got to know how to deduct that money and if you don’t know how to deduct that money you

14:36can always email me at Tai Chi sure comm and I can kind of seen you a checklist or something that kind of help you

14:42understand how you need to pay these things and what the and what it takes because I have all of the things that

14:48any employee we want to have with a company two independent contracting four years and it has made a world of

14:54difference for me and it’s also been better for me because I actually actually can get the things I want and I

15:00can actually live the lifestyle I want and have the conveniences that I want because I see what I’m what I’m

15:06investing in and what my money is doing for me so you gotta be smart about the things you’re doing it you gotta educate

15:12yourself in this stuff don’t get into this industry and be overwhelmed by the business side and just be excited about

15:20the artistic side that doesn’t make sense you have to make sure that your business all the way through it’s a 360

15:26degree understanding and education about what you’re doing what do you fall so let’s talk about how

15:33you file your taxes and and and and all of this depends on how you operate your business so from employee auto in salon

15:39and barbershop only you have to think about these things so let’s go down to checklist as an employee and we’ll fall

15:45through we’ll follow through with all the way from independent contractor to salon shop owner so as an employee you

15:50you work at a you work at you work at the controlling direction of the the

15:56shop owner so you got to know that you do not purchase your own supplies with

16:01your money but you are your product and paid Commission so a lot of this stuff is encompassed again I’ll GU is talking

16:07about earlier with the w-2 form so you got to think about all these things and this is what makes you an employee you do not determine your prices you must

16:15keep a data log of all tips receive and report it to owner most companies require that some don’t some do it just

16:21really depends on on what establishment you’re working at and if that’s something that they require you not

16:26establish the hours that the salon at the salon or varma shop and the hours that you work or the hours that they

16:32open you work according to the hours of operation and you according to a schedule that they said you are you not set your own appointment

16:39is pretty consistent with walk-ins unless you know you have a consistent flow of your own clients I just really

16:45want you to do their their uh their hair or or whatever it is that you service them by and you are not responsible for

16:52expenses like insurance and advertising they provide these things it’s just taking out your check all the etc etc

16:58that people don’t think that you can do as an independent contractor so move it over to independent contractor what

17:04responsibilities do we have you leave space from existing business operate your own business as an independent

17:10contractor most people just leave some space or suite and they’re working on the roof so most of the time they do follow the

17:16rules but they’re working in a space and they’re renting that space because they like this shop and they want to be they

17:22want to give this space they want to make this their home so you are just renting this face you’re paying them for

17:27that space only they’re not pay they’re not buying you anything everything is your responsibility outside of that

17:32unless they have certain things in there that help make it more of a community feel and each independent each salon

17:39that’s an independent contractor based lon have different things that really help their employees feel like they’re

17:45at home you also choose win and winning where you want win and we’re where to work or your schedule so so to speak you

17:52have your own phone number unless you want to use the business phone number but most people work because I don’t find till they work by their cell phone

17:59so they have a certain business name if they have a suite they have their business name on there if you are if I’m

18:05working at a salon suite I got ties ties barber game whatever I

18:12want to call it that’s my business name but I work under a roof of a salon boutique type of Suites you purchase

18:20your own supplies with your own money they don’t they don’t provide any of that for you you determine your own

18:25prices and are responsible for your own record-keeping I know a lot of salons and barbershops sometimes if they’re a

18:32barber shop they do have a certain prices but if you really want to think

18:38about it’s independent contractor you really make your own prices depending on the service that you provide and how you provide him

18:43you also have a key to the establishment but most of the time that’s something that’s paid for as well maybe to a

18:49deposit you’re responsible for expenses like insurance advertising you always want to

18:55make sure if your independent contractor have your own insurance you want to make sure you’re doing your own advertising

19:00through cars through social media all those things the shop is not gonna do that for you now if you have if you work in a great

19:06shop you always want to put that shop name on there because most of the time there’s a great one thing my mom taught

19:12me is it’s something about a name if your shop has a great name and you’re working at a shop with a great name and

19:17your work and you want that shop to you want people know you work at that shot make sure you put the name of that shop

19:23on there and not just the address to make it seem like that’s just your place so think about that when you’re working

19:28as an independent contractor that’s alone make sure that salon has a really reputable name so that you can get all

19:34the the peak values of work in there and lastly you’re responsible for for timely

19:39filing and returns and payments of your taxes based on your business they don’t do that for your only thing they’re

19:45gonna do for you is give your 1099 based on the booth rent you paid and you go from there and that’s how it’s going to

19:51work but going on a salon barber shop owner the other thing that that I think

19:56that we I know for sure and I can talk about this because I haven’t worked at as employee but independent contractor

20:03Sloan the barber shop owner I have done I know these things well and as an owner and you said two hours and prices of

20:10your salon and barbershop and my salon I’ve set certain prices when it comes to just just regular prices because I know

20:16a lot of people come in and I’ll get them on Commission they end up going into independent contractors so now

20:21based on our clientele based on their services they’re able to set their prices but more than likely the base

20:27price was started with the shop said to that so I mean I try to pretty much make sure I’m doing the right thing side them

20:33when I’m doing things like that what else I interview and I hire my staff I

20:40definitely do that I don’t just said just let random people come in and just want a chair I have to make sure you’re fit for the team we’re responsible for

20:48maintaining business license and liability insurance you cannot operate a business if you are I don’t know what

20:54city you’re in but when you get caught you like being a lot of trouble so make sure you have a business license make sure you have liability insurance it’s

21:01not just for you but it’s for people that this for the customers that come in is for the staff that work there is something

21:07that’s gonna keep you keep a lot of headaches offer you also you responsible for withholding taxes from your

21:13employees paychecks if you have employees that are Commission based you got to make sure that your your

21:19withholding taxes so that you can be responsible for those employees based on

21:24that commission that they’re paying independent contractors again just a 1099 form we’re also responsible for

21:31repairs and maintenance I am a big stickler for that and anybody that know me I make sure that my shop is always in

21:38tip-top condition I was just talking to someone the other day was a distributor for some products that I bought I said

21:43man you know as big as the city is you’re probably one of the top ten salons in this city and this city is huge so that’s a very good compliment

21:50and it’s based on how you keep your business how you keep the maintenance up how the ambiance is so I always tell

21:55people think about those things when you’re looking for really good employees as a salon barber shop owner your other

22:02responsibilities is responsibilities are you collect income tax employee social security tax and employee Medicare tax

22:08on employee tips so you have to think about these things only if only if you

22:15have employees other than that is really just basically your responsibility to make sure you’re doing your sole

22:22proprietorship or LLC part to your to your account to make sure your taxes are

22:27done correctly and lastly you file a form 941 employees call a federal tax

22:33return I think it is key to file your taxes quarterly I know that I’m gonna

22:38give the answer to why I think it is if I was gonna put in the comment box I’ll pick you I think filing quality taxes is

22:44better it’s more organized it’s more streamlined you kind of keep everything in line you know what it is that you’re

22:51paying and and it’s easier to know that you can deduct that every three months so it’s just something that I kept in

22:56mind when years ago when I started doing my taxes right when I really wanted to be really what am I say good citizen and

23:06in this in this world to make sure that I’m doing my part

23:12what are acceptable deductions I think that the deduction

23:20that you have to think about as an independent contractor you have to think about them in so many different ways and

23:25a lot of times we don’t know we end up making let’s just throw a number out there seventy five thousand we deduct

23:32all these things and then we we show them and then but next thing you know all the deductions been like forty

23:38thousand so now now this person you want to purchase a car from sees that you only made thirty thousand you got to

23:44know how to properly do duck paying some things are based on percentages some things are definitely based on dollars but here’s a checklist of certain things

23:50that you can deduct that that are acceptable from haircare products to travel expenses to bank charges to

23:56clothes and uniforms to repairs and maintenance to insurance all the way the utilities all the way down to meals and

24:03entertainment and all the other accoutrements that you think that that it’s going to take because when your

24:08independent contractor these things are so necessary but we don’t take the time and the opportunity to really realize

24:16that it cost a lot of money to run a business so you think about salon owners when you think about people that have

24:22big salon Suites you got to think about all these things that encompass while you’re working there and you’re still

24:28going there renting or renting a suite and you’re paying booth rent you have to think about the responsibilities it

24:33comes with running a business is not as glamorous as you think it is if you’re

24:38getting into it for the wrong reasons if you’re getting into it for the right reasons and you’ve done your you’ve done

24:43your your checklist you have great mentors you educated yourself this are the things that you’re ready for and so

24:50I want people to know that this is the reason why I’ve been able to be successful because I’ve done all the

24:55right things and I want to give this back to people that really want to learn this business so did you know did you

25:03know that forty five point three percent of Americans paying no federal tax federal income tax forty five percent of

25:10people just a little bit over forty five percent that is a lot of people and and

25:15and so when you think about all the things that people complain about all

25:22the things that people don’t like about taxes is really because their own fault you cannot think that there’s all this

25:28money that you make you’re gonna pay taxes I mean I remember watching a Mike Tyson and watching

25:36different people get in trouble back there Texas West days night we are the same way a lot of money little money you

25:42still get paid taxes and at the end of the day if you don’t pay you’re gonna pay at the end if you don’t pay it’s not

25:49you’re gonna pay the average tax bill is $1,200 and that’s down 25% so I think

25:56that if we really get educated on on paying taxes on what what it takes and

26:02and the necessary education we need and not be afraid of that those those three acronyms IRS will be

26:10it will be a whole lot better when it comes to taxes and we’ll be more prepared and I think that now that the

26:16tax season is about to be over with as of tomorrow let’s try to educate ourselves a little bit about how we

26:21gonna pay our taxes and the things that we need to know when it comes to paying taxes and get comfortable with the fact

26:28that is nothing to be scared about because more than likely you’re doing yourself some due diligence by educating

26:34yourself Wow I’m excited to share this you know as

26:40CEO and co-founder of share share we are doing some great things on our platform we just we’re putting out new finance

26:47modules coming may 9 2019 and you’ll be able to pay your taxes and and it’s

26:52gonna be something that’s gonna be something that’s totally needed for the industry you cannot know have a schedule

27:00an app you cannot have a booking out and then work on share share where we allow you to work at empty in an empty chair

27:08or suite at salons with its lawns that that can give you the opportunity to work on demand by the day and so in

27:15order to do these things if you’re working through our platform we want to give you the tools and here are some of the things that this this new finance

27:22module is able to do so just look at this take a checklist it’s coming out in May 19 20 19 this year and let’s do the

27:31checklist you get automatic paycheck detection you get tax calculations and you get tax withholdings you get quality

27:38payment reminders and submissions so cute accurate tax records you get mileage tracking

27:43expense tracking and you get annual filing let me tell you something this is like a one-stop shop all you have to do

27:50at the end of the year at the end of the quarter is give this paperwork to your tax accountant and everything’s done

27:56there for you I think that this is the revolutionize in the future I think that

28:01the things that we’re the things that we’re thinking about is not for us is for the the independent contractors that

28:08are that are consistently growing and growing they say about twenty twenty two gig economy is gonna be so high it’s

28:14gonna be pretty much what the world is doing and so we want to be able to give these license be professionals the

28:20opportunity to have tools on the app that are able to help them with their taxes and this is what it’s gonna do

28:27guys take a snapshot of this again and know that it’s going to come and we are

28:32ready for all the people that want to be a part of this because we’re helping you continue to keep your money earnings in

28:39it going in the right direction up into the right lastly you need to file your

28:45extension if you haven’t found today if you trying to file your taxes that you’re not gonna get it done because you

28:53know right now it’s gonna take a little time so you know it would be good to call up an accountant or or just file

28:59your extension by doing a few little easy ways you can file online for free

29:05if your gross adjusted income is under six six thousand with IRS e-file partners into nature H&R Block tax act

29:12and just a list here you also can use the IRS form to 4868 to sing in your

29:17station by mail and then if you want to make a payment on our s website that covers all of your estimated tax bill it

29:24will automatically process the extension for you on your tax return so these are simple ways that you can file your

29:31extension take a snapshot of this you need to understand why this is important and you need to understand that if you

29:37don’t if you make sure if you miss the text filing time that you know it’s not over you still have a little bit of time

29:43if you do the proper checklist and you do the proper understanding of it and understand why what you can do for the

29:50extension you can go a little bit farther and take your time up until September 15th and still be good

29:57going through the year and be safe in your mind and have a good sleep and restless nights knowing that you’ve done

30:02your due diligence to help the industry professionals maximize their earnings

30:09potentials that’s been our mission for the longest I could not be doing

30:14something like I’m doing with share share with the team that I had with share share and and and with the idea

30:20that I have to share share if I didn’t have a mission to really help professionals license be professionals

30:25maximize their earnings potential we make a lot of money our guys and like I said earlier deregulation is real you’re

30:32talking about it everywhere salon owners and barber shop owners are really suffering trying to find the right

30:38employee they’re really trying to be right things about how to how to enhance their businesses what is the next phase

30:44of the the beauty industry going to be you know outside of it being tools products and all these other things b2b

30:51b2c apps where you bring the customer treehouse we’ve been accustomed to your salon all these things are gonna be

30:56there but who is maximizing and understanding this the business behind the business the business of the

31:02licensed professional and the business of the salon and barbershop owner and connecting them to empty space with giving people the opportunity to grow

31:08their business way way better than it used to be and we’re giving them the opportunity to see where this industry

31:14is going in a technology way so just think about these things as you continue to think about share share and the

31:20things were bringing to the market there’s nothing like this out there and we want to make sure that we’re in the

31:25forefront of this and not just riding a wave but know that we’re doing the right things they’re gonna help you maximize

31:32your earnings potential any questions as we as we wrap this up I know that what

31:40I’m talking about is important it’s always been important to me I feel like if we’re talking about it in the right

31:47way I feel like if we’re having the right conversations I feel like if we’re doing the right things I feel like if

31:53we’re not ashamed to really put the information not there because you the

31:58only thing to be ignorant about is not knowing if you know it and you’re not doing it then shame on you but I really

32:05want you to know that I’m doing the right thing on my part to really give the information and the question that

32:12you need in order to be successful so thank you guys will answer some

32:17questions and let’s uh let’s look at some of these these uh I see somebody

32:23said and you will in courtly question-and-answer so I get annually three I got annually and I guess somebody

32:30that’s that’s a comfortable seven and I got two people that are just kind of in the middle so and somebody say maybe a

32:36six one of the things I will say if you want to get more comfortable do the

32:41right things and and and I think that if you want to talk about it you can always hit me up on tire calm we can talk about

32:48why you’re uncomfortable or while you middle the road and what’s gonna make you more comfortable going forward we do

32:54have a question and so the question is is there a penalty fee for filing an

33:00extension no there is not a penalty fee for filing the extension because some people just need a little extra time

33:06they know that people are busy and it’s free so you know it doesn’t mean that they give everybody filing taxes they’re

33:13trying to do it from December 31st all right April 15th that’s all–that’s millions and millions of people some

33:18people need a little bit more time some people getting paperwork done some people are working past December 31st

33:24but they know that the annual end of the time is December 31st so we want they

33:29want to give people the opportunity to know that if they’re gonna do their they do their filing right that is gonna be comfortable for them but anybody can

33:36file and it’s gonna be comfortable for you and it’s not gonna cost you a thing so just just remember that but you

33:45definitely I have to say this you still have to estimate your taxes and make sure you do it in a way where the IRS

33:52doesn’t put you in a position to put a checkmark by your name to detain actually question actual my paperwork

33:58because they will do that if they don’t feel like they’re getting all the information that they need

34:08any more questions any more questions you know guys this is probably been one

34:14of the most fun things I know that when people talk about taxes and stuff like that they think it’s not fun it’s really fun I’ve enjoyed it I think it’s

34:21something that has made me successful it’s put me in a position to be the business owner that I am to educate the

34:27educator that I am and so anytime that this is something that I can do to enhance and incorporate in other

34:34people’s minds get them comfortable with taxes this is what I like to do let’s talk about it some further if you want

34:40to you can hear me up at tire calm you can DM me on dr. Tighe car well

34:46Instagram dr. Tighe car well on Twitter you can follow follow us at share share

34:52on Instagram all things of social media and we’re here for you guys this is what we do this is what we want to bring to

34:59the industry and and this is how comfortable we are knowing that we’re doing something that’s gonna be a greater good so get ready for the next

35:07webinar I can’t wait start following us and start getting educated about what we’re doing and we’ll talk to you next

35:13time peace out