Webinar: The Beauty Industry is Changing: Are you Ready?

With members in over 20 different states, the Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals is the largest professional association established to serve the needs of hair care professionals specializing in or interested in the care of naturally curly and tightly coiled hair without the use of chemical relaxers.

On October 9, 2017, Dr. Tye Caldwell, Author of Mentored by Failure, A 5-Point Guide to Long Term Success in the Beauty & Style Industry, led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about keeping up with changes in the beauty industry.  Dr. Caldwell has been a Salon Owner for over two decades and is CEO and Co-Founder of ShearShare.

Today the Beauty Industry looks a lot different than it did twenty years ago.  Customers are demanding different products and services, including natural hair services.  Stylists are taking advantage a non-traditional means of making a living, with about 70% choosing to work independently.  Also, social media is making it easier to build a brand.

Now more than ever stylists and barbers have to focus of the fundamentals of building and maintaining a successful business, including the following:

  1. Branding:  Even though social media makes it easier than it has ever to build a brand, it is important not to underestimate the the power of word of mouth and meeting people face to face.  Your social media “friends” and “followers” want to know that you and your business are as great in person as you are on social media.
  2. Profit: As you begin making money, remember that as a business owner, not all of the money you make is “your” money.  Revenue must be spent on expenses including products, tools, and rent.  Find ways to increase your profit margins, like selling product.  As an expert your customers trust your recommendations.
  3. Partnerships: Build a professional network of professionals to work with and share ideas.  Find mentors that can guide you and help you avoid necessary mistakes.  Seek out cross promotional opportunities that allow you to build your audience while providing your customers exposure to other resources.

Remember, …

…you are your brand.

…you do not just want to make money. You want to position your business to earn more profits.

…seek out partnerships that will help you build a better company.

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