PBA supports two separate boards merging into one state board of barbering and cosmetology. The board is typically comprised of both licensed barbers and cosmetologists, along with members of the public, school owners and instructors (depending on who each state requires to sit on the board). For example, the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners requires “at least two cosmetologist members and two barber members shall be appointed by the governor to serve a term of four years; two cosmetologist members, one barber member and a public member shall be appointed to serve a term of three years (Section 329.015 of the State of Missouri Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Statutes and Regulations).”

Combining the state boards of barbering and cosmetology is an excellent way to streamline occupational licensing and create meaningful reform. As beauty industry licenses continue to be threatened, PBA is focused on working together with legislators to address their concerns with over-burdensome requirements. Working with the remaining states to combine their state boards illustrates that our industry is open to compromise. With 29 states successfully operating with combined boards, PBA is reaching out to those boards to obtain their best practices. In 2018, one state legislature successfully combined their boards (Idaho) while one state was not able to pass a similar bill (Kansas). PBA will work in 2019 to continue supporting this type of reform.

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