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You’ve heard about it, maybe even Googled it once or twice, but what really is the Redken Symposium?

Three days, dozens of elite beauty professionals, thousands of burgeoning cosmetologists, endless education, and infinite memories all in the wickedly fun, ever-dazzling, and limitlessly captivating Sin City, Las Vegas.

Don’t pinch yourself –you’re not dreaming.

This annual event is an epic few days bursting at the seams with fun, education, and boundless beauty.

Does this sound like something you have to attend?

We thought it might be (I mean, we definitely wouldn’t miss it, so we don’t blame you for being on board right away!)

If you want all the must-have info on the 2019 Redken Symposium, we’ve got you covered.

However, if you’re a beauty junkie and you already knew this was coming up (and have had it penciled in your planner for 6 months, it’s okay- us too) Elite Beauty Society wants to send you there….

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What Exactly is the 2019 Redken Symposium?

Okay, we drew you in with the flash of the event, but all the glitz and glam aside (even though we can’t really put the glitz and glam aside because the whole symposium is a glitzy, glam-filled event). Let’s talk about what this symposium really is.

The symposium is an annual education seminar jam-packed with tons of classes, hands-on experiences, lectures, demos, product reviews, and more that all come together with one goal in mind: to teach you how to learn better, earn better, and live better.

The classes, hands-on experiences, and demos at the symposium are taught or led by world-renowned and famous Redken artists, educators, and brand ambassadors.

The lessons and experiences available to you will range from the obvious, like hair color and design, to some surprising elements, like digital upselling classes and business improvement courses.

That’s right, they’re covering all the bases to help you run your business smoother, serve your clients better, and perfect your art.

Most of all, though, this symposium acts as a giant, symbiotic meeting ground for professionals and newly-licensed cosmetologists alike to meet, share ideas, create, collaborate, and most importantly, learn how to build their business, and their craft, better.

What Will Cosmetologists Get Out of the Symposium?

You’re probably already super on board with the 2019 Symposium (we can’t blame you, it’s awesome), but just in case you want a clearer picture of what this epic education seminar can do for you, we’ve decided to paint it for you.

 Check out a few of the main reasons we think you should give the 2019 Redken Symposium a go this year.

All the Classes

This goes without saying, but the classes themselves should be reason enough to hook you in. It’s not just about who’s teaching the classes – although, we’d be remiss to mention (yet again) that you’ll be getting live, hands-on lessons from famed Redken greats, educators, brand ambassadors, and artists – it’s about the variety of classes offered.

When we say there’s a variety of classes, we truly mean there’s a variety of classes.

Sure, you have some of the more routine (but still immensely helpful and wow-worthy classes) like Hair Hacks, Daily Design, Fix It, and All In, where you explore how color and cut work together, how to help your clients replicate their styles at home, and how to communicate effectively with clients, but also, you’ll have options to attend classes that teach you how to embed social media into your business, implement video content into your digital strategy, get your work published, and run a better business overall!

Further, they’ve updated the seminar schedule this year to include 12 classes (versus their usual 6) in 45-minute rotations, and added in a few 3-hour hands-on classes, like their newly added classes, “Hands-On: Blonding & Balayage,” “Hands-On: Keep it on the DL,” or “Hands-On: Coloring to the Beat of Your Own Drum.”

There are so many to choose from!

Make sure you check out the full schedule so you can plan out your classes in advance!

You’ll want to register quickly so that you can begin signing up for and paying for each class that you want to add to your agenda – get in before they fill up! 

Live Demos, New Products, Redken Culture!

How does the 2019 Symposium plan to bring all of these elements together in one place?

Three words: The Redken Gallerie.

This symposium feature is a full-on immersive experience that brings you a 360-degree extravaganza with a street festival twist. It’s packed with live demos, tons of Redken products, logo wear, and all the Redken Culture you could possibly take!

A Super Fun Mixer with Industry Professionals

Like we said before, this will be one of the best opportunities for you, as a cosmetologist, simply because of the educators and artist you’ll have the chance to meet, learn from, and mingle with.

But this doesn’t mean just during class time.

Yes, overall, this is an educational seminar, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have all the social opportunities out there to meet-and-greet with top-of-the-line professionals in your industry.

The schedule leaves room for super fun events like the Grand Opening Event, the Monday Night Bash, a huge music festival at the symposium that brings you together with your new tribe! Throughout the three-day experience, you’ll have ample opportunity to mix-and-mingle with artists, professionals, educators, and more!

Do you really want to miss out on these connections?

An Unforgettable Experience

This one is a little less tangible and a little more common sense.

 Attending this symposium in one of the most entertaining, sparkling cities in America, surrounded by hundreds of brilliant, unique, and professional cosmetologists is a once-in-a-lifetime, amazing opportunity you won’t soon forget.

Sure, you’ll learn a ton, become a better business person, and bring home skills you never knew you could have, but more than that, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime and maybe even connect with people who will become steadfast, true friends.

Why take the chance on missing out on something this epic, beautiful, and memorable?

All the Cold, Hard Facts You’ll Need to Attend the Symposium

Now that we’ve reeled you in with all the sparkles, glamour, and pizzazz , we’re going to give you the cold, hard facts that will help get you to the symposium!

Symposium Need-to-Knows

When: Sunday, January 20-2019-Tuesday January 22, 2019

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Hotel Booking Info: Rooms fill up fast, so if you want to get in on the Redken blocked room deal, you might want to get a move on.

Check out the 2019 Redken Symposium hotel page for more information and special rates when booking rooms at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino or The Delano: All-Suite Tower. This page will provide you with extra info on airport transportation (should you need it) and reservation information, too.

Registration and Tuition Info:

Check out the Tuition Page for the 2019 Redken Symposium. Ticket prices are subject to change as the dates get closer, but currently, you can purchase your tickets for $600.

Price tag too steep? We get it. You work hard all year and while this sounds absolutely incredible, it’s just not in the budget.

However, as we mentioned above, you could attend FOR FREE! 

Yes, we mean it, all expenses paid to the Redken Symposium. Enter now!!!