Your Secret Weapon for Building a Successful Business


When you hear the word community, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a group of like-minded individuals that shares the same interests and passion as you? Is it someone that validates your actions and holds you accountable? Is it someone that reassures you that you are aligned with your purpose?
In times like this, it may feel impossible to define your community as you are trying to successfully build your business. You may be feeling a bit stuck trying to figure out what your next move will be and how to elevate your brand.

Building a successful and powerful business is no joke—however, with community and surrounding yourself with like-minded people that share the same passion and vision is you—it’s possible! 
For many small businesses, COVID-19 has halted the growth of small business owners and their brands. Having to suddenly change your game plan do to an unexpected pandemic may have thrown a wrench in your business, but Boss Women Media knows just what to do to make sure you and your business stay afloat during these trying times.

At Boss Women Media, they are all about creating experiences and changing the way Boss Women connect. In February, they created an exclusive membership portal, Boss Connectors—which connects all walks of women with endless resources, tools and exclusivity to select events that will take your vision and corporate mindset beyond your own ambitions. When it comes to making sure you are building a successful business, why wouldn’t you want to make money moves and create connections that can elevate your career, as well as accountability that ensures you are crushing your goals?!
The main goal of Boss Connectors is to establish a genuine, sincere and goal-driven community of women that holds one another accountable. From membership kits to conversations on the global community thread, these stimulating platforms will have you feeling more determined than ever to make sure you are connecting yourself with your favorite boss women.
So how does Boss Connectors connect you with the community to make sure you are building a successful business? The benefits of Boss Connectors are all access, all the time. With never before seen content, created just for you through an exclusive video series, you are receiving first-hand advice from true experts and powerhouses in their industries including Cleo Greene of WFAA, Dr. Jessica Taylor, Kanarys Founder Star Carter, Radio Personality Lady Jade, and Jolorie Williams.    
Boss Women Media is built on community and creating experiences to propel #bosswomen forwards in their careers because, we all need community.
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