Citation Management Services

Is your business information correct across the internet? If you’re not sure, then we have something for you! ShearShare is launching our very own Citation Management Service to help our Hosts and Pros (like YOU) market your local business safely, easily, and affordably! 

What are Citations and Why do you Need Them?

Citations are any online mention of your business information such as name, address, phone number, and/or website, known as NAP data. These are typically found in social sites and directory listings, such as Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc.  Citations have been directly linked to higher search engine rankings which means more potential customers for your business!

Businesses that rank on the first page of Google typically have at least 81 citations, and business rank in the top 3 positions of the Google Local Pack have an average of 86 citations.  Managing each of those individually can be exceedingly difficult and time consuming.

According to David Mihms (SEOMoz), incorrect, or inconsistent citations across the web is the #3 negative ranking factor affecting local businesses. This means that current and future clients alike will have a harder time finding your business when they are looking for a salon, spa or barbershop.  

Here's how signing up for ShearShare's new citation management can help:

ShearShare's Citation Management Campaign

Month One: Set Up

$ 350
One Time
  • Profile Creation
  • Citation Audit
  • Listings Set Up - 250+
  • Listings Analytics Set Up

Months 2+

$ 100
  • Listings Management - 250+
  • Coupon Creation
  • Social Coupon Promotion
  • Analytics Review

Here's How it Works

Once you have filled out the form below, our team will reach out to collect all of your NAP information and business details.  We may be requesting access to some of your existing social profiles or directory listing locations to ensure accurate NAP management and social posting abilities. We will then process your first months payment and begin your profile creation and citation audit.  After the audit is complete, we will share the details with you and begin optimizing your campaign with the new business information.  

Beginning in month 2, we will continue to monitor your business citation details across the web, and promote your monthly coupon offer as well.  If you choose not to continue with citation management, we require a 30-day written cancellation notice, and your campaign will be removed from our system. Any citations that were updated or created during your campaign may revert back to previous details, or be removed completely upon cancellation. 

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