“I usually have at least one empty chair, so it’s nice to be able to fill the space with a vetted stylist that I don’t have to spend hours interviewing.”

“ShearShare is now part of my sales pitch for new stylists when I lease my salon suites. Instead of turning them away because they can’t afford weekly booth rent, I tell them to book me on ShearShare.”

“Signed up and in 48 hours had my first booking! Then a repeat in less than a month. Love this.”

“ShearShare stylists are professional and have their own clientele. We don’t have to worry about new hire training. It’s really easy and convenient for us to host them.”

“Using the app as a host is so rewarding! It’s easy to navigate, a great networking tool and a great way to earn extra revenue if/when I have empty chairs.”

“It’s costly to run a salon, and this is a really nice way to lower my overhead.”

“These days it’s difficult to get a stylist to sign a long-term contract. We’re using ShearShare to provide more flexibility, and it also helps us operate at full capacity.”

“We care a lot about our shop culture, and we want to bring in barbers with the right energy. ShearShare is a great way to have them come in on a trial basis, to see how they work with the rest of our barbershop team.”

“I’m always interested in new technology, and love trying out new platforms that can help to make our business successful.”

“I sometimes rent out my entire salon for events, or when a celebrity wants privacy. ShearShare has been good for bringing us new opportunities to expand our network.”

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