10 Facts About 2023 Cosmopolitan X digitalundivided’s The New C-Suite Cohort

When you enter an airplane and look at the faces in business class, what do those executives look like? Chances are the images that first pop into your head might not be the same as the images of the 13 Latina and Black women entrepreneurs you see below.

This year’s 3rd Annual Cosmopolitan x digitalundivided The New C-Suite cohort are the new faces of the executive suite. If you got to know these 13 extraordinary women in Cosmo’s recent article, you may know that these founders hail from 10 different startups and span industries like biotech, health tech, and spirits.

But did you also know the New C-Suite has impressively raised over $61.72 million? Or that their lesser-known monikers also include Blue-Star mom, Princeton alum, and beauty queen? We had a chance to sit down and interview 10 of these incredible women this fall. This year’s 2023 Cosmopolitan X digitalundivided’s The New C-Suite Cohort is fascinating, impressive, and impactful. But just as importantly, these incredible Latina and Black women entrepreneurs are human — just like you. And just like you, they were once trying to figure it all out — from business plans to fundraising to hiring.

Suppose you feel like your fundraising could be better. In that case, you can’t move your idea forward, or that the things that make you interesting don’t count, read on to learn ten fascinating, impressive, and all-too-human facts about this year’s Cosmopolitan x digitalundivided ‘s The New C-Suite to keep you inspired and reaching for the next level of startup leadership.

Courtney Caldwell, ShearShare

Blue Star mom Courtney Caldwell is about the happiest and most positive person you could know. She also became the 33rd African-American female to raise $1 million in venture funding. Courtney cites happiness as one of the biggest keys to her success in ShearShare. This app allows independent stylists and beauty professionals to rent workspace in salons, spas, and barbershops. In Cadwell’s book, The Happiness Journal: A Daily Guide to Finding Your Extraordinary Happy, she shares six happiness tools that keep her focused on achieving her goals and living her best life.

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