How to Boost Your Earnings at Your Salon

Being a beauty entrepreneur is a labor of love: you worked hard to develop your skills and then turn them into profit by opening your own business. Still, the beauty industry is quite crowded, and it’s essential that you differentiate yourself through superior customer service. When turning casual visitors into dedicated regulars, you have to think creatively and consider what makes people really come to love your business. With that in mind, let’s delve into some unique ways to boost earnings and create a fanbase of clients who are more than happy to spread the word about your excellent work.

Develop a Welcoming Atmosphere

While there are specific hygiene standards and practical considerations you must consider when building your salon or spa, there’s also a lot of customization you can do through decoration and furnishings that will represent your brand. 

Beauty treatments are not just about aesthetics but about bringing a sense of calm and comfort that will carry your customers through the rest of the day or week; to that end, work to maximize relaxation throughout the space. For example, you might install a small fountain in the waiting area or choose a comforting light blue tile on the floor; if you have a girlier brand, you could even choose sparkly granite flooring, much like the world-famous Victoria’s Secret stores. Choose calming music and track lighting as well as easily adjustable lights for your beauticians so that they can redirect light as necessary.

Provide Above-and-Beyond Treatments

Customers come to your salon to relax and feel better about themselves, and there are few things more enjoyable than getting caring, personalized attention from a skilled expert. When thinking about how to improve your service, consider small treatments that cost little but are not usually included by your competitors. For example, if you do freelance hair services, you might finish off with a steamy towel treatment and then offer customers a quick and complimentary moisturizing with face oil. It only takes a few drops and an additional minute, and the facial oil comes with a dropper, so you don’t need to worry about cross-contamination. 

While customers love the word “complimentary,” many business owners balk, as this may seem like they’re losing money; however, the added foot traffic and customer loyalty can more than cover the cost. You can also incorporate this into your operating expenses without sacrificing quality. 

Buddy Up With Other Brands

The best allies you have in developing your brand are other beauty entrepreneurs; they know exactly what it’s like to struggle, and they can have excellent advice to provide. For example, if you’re a nail artist, you may find new marketing tools through a hair salon contact, and they’ll be able to refer clients to you who may require your services. You can even ally by taking out advertisements together, sharing a booth at trade shows, or giving referral discounts. Not only can this save you money while also expanding your reach, it helps you lean on one another through the halo effect, where a customer who views one brand favorably starts to appreciate yours as well. 

You might also consider contacting local influencers who can expand your reach through partnerships. For the price of one free treatment, you can get hundreds or even thousands of impressions on their posts, encouraging others to visit and see for themselves what you’re about. 

Sell Retail Products at Your Salon

One of the joys of working in the beauty industry is being able to help clients be their best selves through customized treatments, recommending products that will improve their appearance even after they leave your salon. You can capitalize on this specialized knowledge by providing a full experience to customers through additional retail. 

Wholesale beauty supplies can be a massive benefit to salons, as they provide excellent convenience to your customers – especially if you are the sole retailer for this product in your area. Consider buying a small retinue of products that you use during your own treatments, such as shampoo and conditioners, and providing them for a small markup to clients who enjoyed the product. You can even find local small businesses that sell beauty products and partner with them to help expand their own reach, creating a mutually satisfying relationship that brings you both more acclaim.

The beauty business can be a challenge, but it’s all worth it to help your clients feel their best. You can provide a fantastic experience and develop brand loyalty by creating a comfortable environment, upscaling your treatments, and allying yourself with other local companies to benefit the community. Through careful partnerships and hard work, you’ll find your business thriving even in the most challenging circumstances, held aloft by the love of your happy customers.