3 Tips For Redecorating Your Salon

As a business owner or ShearShare host, your business is your baby.  It can be difficult to find inexpensive ways to decorate or change your salon. But, with the revenue you’ll earn by using ShearShare, we got you covered on new ways to make both customers and booth renters happy! With tips from 30+ year barber, Dr. Tye Caldwell, we’re sharing the top 3 common ways to boost your salon atmosphere, revenue, and overall brand. 

Keep All Work Spaces Organized and Clutter Free 

According to Salon Today, 37% of clients will return to a salon after their first visit based on the atmosphere. So your first priority should be organizing your hair products in a way that is flattering to the eye such as color coding or organizing by height. You may want to invest in an inexpensive product shelf that will really elevate your salon. You may also want to organize all tools at each booth to a designated location. If customers (and booth renters) come into a clean and orderly salon, their experience is heightened to a new level! 

Become a Plant Person 

Adding greenery to a space is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Putting flowers or plants on each station or in your waiting area will step up your decoration. Shopping local should be your first option, but you can also visit your local Home Depot or Target for inexpensive plants that require minimal care. For example, succulents go with any decorating theme you already have in your salon and don’t require sunlight to thrive. Aloe Vera plants can also be used to decorate and the gel is useful for beauty treatments! 

Decorate Your Salon/Shop

Your salon or barbershop will need a decorative theme that is inviting and cohesive. Make sure to choose a color palette or a consistent pattern. The average cosmetologist spends 8-hours a day at a salon, so your workspace should feel like your second home. When photographing your salon or barbershop for the ShearShare app, it will help booth renters be confident in choosing your business. 

With little touches here and there, you will start to see a whole new salon. Try some of these tips to elevate your salon experience!  

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