Universal Licensing for Beauty and Barbering Professionals

Possible Universal Licensing for Beauty and Barbering Professionals

An exciting update has occurred from the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (the NIC) that may allow beauty professionals to travel and work whenever, wherever… EVEN ACROSS STATE LINES!. 

A possible change in universal licensing will allow users to travel across state lines and truly work, whenever and wherever using the ShearShare app. This is due to the NIC announcing formal support for universal licensing recognition for the beauty and barbering professional community. This will allow your professional license to be recognized nationally, not just in your home state. 

NIC & Certemy are Creating a National Database for Universal Licensing

The NIC is partnering with Certemy, which is a professional licensing management software provider. This partnership intends to introduce a new National Credential and National Database that will help promote license portability across state lines. This will streamline national standards for cosmetology, barbers, estheticians, and nail technicians. The prospective new guides  also create a national standard for education and training programs. 

Work Wherever, Whenever With ShearShare App

The NIC National Database will carry an international registry (including the U.S.) of participating beauty professionals. Beauty professionals won’t have to worry about keeping up to date with licensing while traveling. The database will include licensure status, expiration dates, and possible restrictions on the license itself. Participating state boards will be able to upload licensing data to keep the database current and amenable to traveling beauty professionals. For salon and barber hosts using ShearShare– this will be great for business as well. States, licensed professionals, and employers will have ease of access to utilize online searches of the database at any time to ensure a beauty professional has an active license. The NIC National Database is planned to launch in 2022. 

The NIC National Credential will promote and support this partnership and license portability. This Credential is available to beauty professionals who have taken the NIC Written, Practical, and/or Written Practical examinations. No formal date has been announced but the NIC Credential is planned to launch sometime in 2022. 

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